Artifical Intelligence Machine (acronym A.I.M., Механоиды in russian) is an open-world action RPG developed by russian SkyRiver studios and published by 1C Company. It was released in 2004 for Windows based computers. It did not have very ambicious ad campaign, so it was being sold mainly in Russia and Europe. The only legitimate way to get the game is by buying it's installation CD second-hand as it was not published on Steam or any similar site.

The player is in a role of a mechmind, the first prototype of the so called "fifth generation". The player is then ordered to explore the world, undergo missions, travel between different sectors, all that while being monitored by the Super so he can enhance and later produce more fifth generation mechminds. The game has only one known ending where the player exits the Range (not the planet itself) and then decides if he wants to destroy what lies behind the Range's border and proceed to next level of intelligence, or if he wants to depart in a space shuttle to Earth. The whole story of A.I.M. 2 is then based on the first choice (it starts with the player being brought back to the Range), however it does not completely follow the continuity, becase at the end of A.I.M. (1) we can see that the player's mechmind turned into an insect-like creature, but at the beginning of A.I.M. 2, he is back into his mechmind form.

Read the full story of this game here.

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