A.I.M. 2 Clan Wars is an sequel to the open-worlded RPG A.I.M. Both were developed by russian studio SkyRiver and published by 1C Company . It was released in 2006 in Russia and in 2014 it was made purchaseable on Steam . It was only developed for Windows operating systems and can have trouble running under Windows 10.

The game indirectly follows events of A.I.M. At the beginning, the player's mechmind is rescued from ruins of the external laboratory. He is then transported to the Desert Sector, where the game begins. The goal of this game is to take over the entire Range, either by slowly capturing main sectors, or uniting all mechminds of the fifth generation.

The main difference is in the storytelling as there no longer is Super or other entity that tells player what to do, instead the player can decide if he wants to follow Super's old instrucions, or if he will listen to Reckoners, who embeded themselves into most buildings of Range forming an information Network.

After the player completes his goal, the only ending of this game will take place.

Read the full story of this game here.

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