Warn the Siniger is the name of the first mission the Arctic Sector's main base offers the player.

Requirements Edit

End the mission before to get this mission offered.

Mission details and completion Edit

The base wants the player to bring an infopack within 48:00 hours to the Sinigers' secondary base in the Volcano Sector, which will warn them that all the bases of the closest sectors will deny access to them, if they fight once more in the safety zone.

Arriving at the base of the Sinigers, they aren't getting afraid of this threat. They think they don't need the support of other bases and will act the way they wish.

Return with the infopack about their response to the main base to complete the mission and get 6000 energy crystals. The bases will be closed for the Sinigers after doing that.

Ways to fail the mission Edit

  • If the player doesn't gets into the Sinigers' secondary base within the given time, the infopack will disappear from hold and he'll fail the mission. Next time, visiting the main base, he'll lose 100 rating points.

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