Deliver the message to the Carriers is the name of the fourth and final mission the Panzer secondary base in the Arctic Sector offers the player.

Requirements Edit

Wait some time after ending the mission before to get this mission offered.

Mission details and completionEdit

The Panzer secondary base is thinking about sending a courier to the Carriers, which main base lies in the Desert Sector. Because no one of the Panzers have access to the farther sectors, the player might be the fastest one that can deliver an infopack to the Carriers.

If the player delivers the request for getting more information about how the Carriers work, they will record the information to another infopack, which should be delivered back to the Panzer secondary base. The Carriers will also want the player to come back after bringing the infopack. He is too strong for the Panzers.

Returning back to the Panzer secondary base, the mission will be completed and the player gets 25000 energy crystals.

Ways to fail the missionEdit

  • If the player chose to be a member of the Panzers and quits it later, the base will refuse to communicate with him. If the player doesn't meets the conditions of the Panzer's to join their clan, the mission can't be finished anymore, although, the mission is still ongoing.

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