Black Namtar

Black Namtar is a attacking glider of the 4th standard.

It's a unique Namtar's modification. Great changes in the construction made this glider more efficient on all the parameters than its original. Special black coating makes it prominent in comparison with the other gliders.

Glider specifications Edit

A.I.M. 2. Clan WarsEdit

  • Type of hull: Attacking
  • Weight / Capacity: 4600 / 13750 kg
  • Standard: 4
  • Durability: 7220 units
  • Turn speed: 85 °/sec.
  • Price: 320000 energy crystals

This glider can be bought in the Altitude Sector.


  • Black Namtar apperas in bases like modificated equipment, but sometimes it may be not modified.
  • There is no specicial texture for Black Namtar. It uses Namtar texture with "Diffuse" parameter set on 0.