Capturing is an essential feature of clans. It can refer to gaining control over a building or taking over entire sector.

Capturing a buildingEdit

Capturing a building consists of filling it's cluster with convinced mechminds. Buildings can have different sizes of clusters, more essential buildings (such as bases) will be more difficult to capture than small buildings. Some buildings lack the cluster completely and can't be captured.

After a building's cluster is filled, a rotating emblem of it's new owner clan will appear over it's entrance. Then it is possible for new clan members to spawn there even if it's not a base. It can be used to alter the clan's settings and, if the building has a hangar, also it's member's equipment.

Unlike in the first A.I.M., buildings captured in A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars will ignore player's diplomacy, which means that you can fully use a building of a clan that is hostile towards you and vice-versa. In the first game, buildings also stay forever captured by the same clan or are free throughout the whole gameplay.

Capturing a sectorEdit

In order to capture a sector, the player's clan has to have more than 55% influence over the whole sector. It is not possible for non-player clans to capture a sector. Influence can be boosted by capturing buildings, or convincing mechminds to join. Even after the sector is captured, other clans still keep their buildings and mechminds, but their status turns into inactive which gets slows down their expansion to a point where it is pretty much impossible for them to gain more control.

Another way to capture a sector, is by using the organic modifier, which will convert the sector to the player's clan instantly.

Except suppressing other clans and progressing in the game, captured sectors don't yield more benefits.

It is not possible to capture the Toxic Swamp Sector, Swamp Sector, or any underground station.

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