Goods are produced by special buildings, for other buildings. They are sold to mechminds, which bring them where the goods are needed. Such mechminds are often called traders. Traders are specialized to make profit by selling the goods again. It is an easy way of getting energy crystals and rating can be gained too, depending on how much profit was already done.

While the cost for the goods always stay the same, the buildings often pay very different amounts of energy crystals, if they are needed there. The price is usually nearly the same for the whole sector. If the goods aren't needed in one building, they can still be sold there for a little amount of crystals. The goods will then be for sale in these buildings.

Since Super modified the sectors and its buildings, it is possible to buy needed goods, if they are available. This might actually be uneconomical for the who buys them, as they are sold for a very high price, but it can provide success in a mission.

Easiest trading guide (A.I.M.)Edit

The easiest way to earn money and a little bit rating fast, is by buying cryotrons in the Arctic Sector's Raw Materials Base, which is the nearest building to the Arctic Sector's passage tunnel, and sell them at any base in the Volcano Sector or in the Volcano Sector's Raw Materials Base.

The cryotron costs 700 energy crystals and these buildings will pay at least 1092 energy crystals, which makes this good the most profitable in the game, as the profit made will be more than half of its original cost.

It's unlikely to find a building that only pays the minimal price for this good, as there are no trades with cryotrons going on in the Volcano Sector. By time the buildings will pay more and more for cryotrons, if they aren't sold there. Usually the price for selling a cryotron will lie somewhere at 2000 energy crystals and the one who finds this business gap can make double his amount of crystals spent for the goods at the beginning.

Be sure to get a cargo glider to progress as fast as possible in this. The money can be made so fast that changing the glider won't become any big deal anymore. The glider with the highest cargo capacity is the Hi-Loader, which can easily carry 80 cryotrons at once.

List of goodsEdit

Good Type Weight (kg) Net cost* (EC)
Active metals Active metals Raw materials 120 100
Anti-matter Anti-matter Expendables 60 190
Chaos converter Chaos converter Expendables 80 400
Crude chemical elements Crude chemical elements Raw materials 100 50
Crude pressurized gas Crude pressurized gas Raw materials 80 30
Cryotron Cryotron Half-stock 250 700
Explosives Explosives Expendables 100 190
Field effectors Field effectors Half-stock 200 262
Field stabilizers Field stabilizers Half-stock 60 180
Gas mix Gas mix Raw materials 100 250
Glider debris 25 100
Heavy weapon elements Heavy weapon elements Half-stock 250 600
Large power condenser Large power condenser Expendables 420 1750
Light weapon elements Light weapon elements Half-stock 200 300
Missile and bomb weaponry elements Missile and bomb weaponry elements Half-stock 45 95
Missile fuel Missile fuel Half-stock 130 240
Monocrystals Monocrystals Raw materials 50 100
Multi-mass Multi-mass Raw materials 200 1000
Multi-organics Multi-organics Half-stock 80 325
Mushroom Mushrooms 50 500
Navigation molectronics Navigation molectronics Half-stock 75 150
Nickel Nickel Raw materials 175 50
Nuclear fuel Nuclear fuel Expendables 150 550
Ore Ore Raw materials 200 50
Organic mass Organic mass Raw materials 75 60
Polymer plates Polymer plates Half-stock 560 1200
Power unit Power unit Expendables 75 200
Radioactive elements Radioactive elements Raw materials 500 500
Repair module Repair module Expendables 200 375
Titanium Titanium Raw materials 160 80
Vacuum synthesis catalyst Vacuum synthesis catalyst Expendables 75 320
Zero reactor Zero reactor Half-stock 250 520

*The cost recommended by the Network. Goods usually aren't sold below this point, and if they are needed, buildings pay a higher price than that. In A.I.M., this is the standard (and constant) purchasing price.