Test the convoy protection is the name of the first mission the Carriers' main base in the Desert Sector offers the player.

Requirements Edit

There are no requirements for this mission.

Mission details and completion Edit

The player should attack a convoy of Carriers to test their effectiveness. 

The Carriers are being attacked constantly. That's why they studied the tactics of their enemies. But it can hurt if the Carriers' guards become weaker. The base wants to know whether this is so or not.

The base will set the bearing on SCARUN. As soon as they get destroyed, return to the Carriers' main base to. The time limit for this mission is 08:00 hours.

Completing this mission, the player will get 14000 energy crystals and the base has to think about new tactics.

Ending this mission will unlock the next mission of the Carriers' main base.

Ways to fail the mission Edit

  • If the SCARUN isn't destroyed within the given time, the mission will still go on, as long as not entering the Carriers' main base. This means, it can still be finished after the time limit. Visiting the Carriers' main base after the time limit though, without destroying the convoy, the mission will be failed and the player loses 50 rating points.


  • In the journal will stand that the player only gets 8000 energy crystals for this job.

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