The First One

Location of FIRST-114 on the map.

FIRST-114 is a mechmind of the First Ones who lives in the Rock Sector.

He spawns near the climate actuator after accepting the second mission of the Rock Sector's secondary base.

He is alone which is very strange for a First One. Nobody knows what he is doing there, which is the reason that the secondary base sends the player to him to deliver a message. After receiving the message, he will just say: "Do not interrupt me. I'm busy."

In the sixth mission, of the secondary base, he disappears and a mechmind with the name FIRST-114. spawns near the anomalous zone 2, north of the base. Storywise both mechminds play the same one, but they have differences in the actual game, like a different armor, energy-shield and heavy weapon.

For the player, this mechmind will always stay friendly, as long as he won't get too much damaged by him.

Mechmind: FIRST-114




Energy shield:

Light weapon:

Heavy weapon:


8star 8


Zero armor

Power-shield generator type-4

Three-barrel nuclear cannon

Tachyon heater


  • FIRST-114 has following death-message: "You should not have done this. My job here is not yet complete."