GAANTRO is a fifth generation mechmind who lives in the Highlands Sector. He leads the Seeker clan.

Mechmind: GAANTRO




Energy shield:

Light weapon:

Heavy weapon:


9star 9

Demon Shadow

Titanium armor

Energy shield type I




GAANTRO will be available for convincing if the player manages MONCEBER from the Forward clan to join the own clan.

After convincing GAANTRO, ARIO will have following message for the player, explaining why GAANTRO wanted MONCEBER in the player's clan:

"GAANTRO and MONCEBER were grown in one biomolecular vessel. Evidently, it was Super's experiment. He gave a specific ability to every Mechmind of the fifth generation, making us different from the rest. The experiment succeeded: GAANTRO and MONCEBER are very much alike although they have different personalities."


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