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You can hear following soundtracks in this sector:

Gregory Semenov - 08 Hills
Gregory Semenov - MUS LOC HILLS

Apperantly the Highlands Sector (also called the Hills) is about as close as you can get to the Creators' mother planet, climate-wise. There are a lot of plants and fresh water, and the surface is rather even, without major mountains or pits. The contour field can be seen almost all along the sector perimeter.

Clans that inhabit this sectorEdit

This is the home of very strong clans. The First Ones, who are one of the strongest of the mechminds, have their main base located here. You may also run into the SeekersRestrictors and the Carriers.

All the Free Ones who stayed in this sector are very good fighters who have the ability to resist the warriors of the clan on their own. So, before shooting anything in the Highlands Sector, give it a second thought.

Buildings in the sectorEdit

Highlands Sector map clear

Revealed map of the Highlands Sector.

Highlands Sector map2

Revealed map of the Highlands Sector after the reformation.

A.I.M. A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars
Carriers' secondary base Base 1
Charge platform 1 not enterable
Charge platform 2 not enterable
Climate actuator Climate-actuator
Destroyed base (destroyed) Destroyed base (destroyed)
Expendables plant Expendables plant
Half-stock plant Half-stock plant
Manufacturing plant Process facility
Passage tunnel Passage tunnel
Raw Materials Base Raw materials base
Seekers' test complex Test complex
The Firsts' main base Base 2
- Base 3
- Base 4
- Production unit 1
- Production unit 2

Purchaseable things (A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars)Edit

All bases within one sector sell the same things in their hangars.


Glider componentsEdit