The mechminds (also called Mechanoids) were created for testing ordnance and controlling the technological processes at the ranges. There used to be several ranges. Possibly there were other options for using the mechminds, but nobody knows anything about it.

History Edit

The Creators have not been around for a very long time now and nobody knows whether they will appear again. It is doubtful that they knew about the coming Osmose in advance. It has changed the mechminds, and although every one of them retained their main goal of self-perfecting, they started acting quite differently from what they used to act like.

In its essence a mechmind is a very complex system, the crown of the Creators' technical ideas in the filed of molectronics and artificial intellect development. Their allies, the Arlings were also moving in this direction, and created a similar system based on organic technologies. It was not until recently when Super has finally come round to using and developing symbiots.

The mechminds and the symbiots look a lot like each other, and at the present state of development they have identical capsules and goals. At the same time they are very different, both in their inner structure, as well as - the creators would have called this habit, instinct, or character - but this cannot be described in one word. This is something that has appeared after the Osmose. Most likely no one really know what the differences are and how drastic they are. If you live in this world long enough you will be able to understand the rest yourself.

Mechmind generations Edit

First generation Edit

The first generation is very small. They've united in a clan that was later called the First Ones. In a sense, the First Ones have direct contact with Super, since they use the same information field. However, the intellect of the mechminds is very different from that of Super, which is why the First often understand things in their own way. They can teach some things and give unique resources that only they have. 

Second generation Edit

The second generation is the most numerous one. They make up the main part of the Range population and are seen everywhere. Interfacing with them will help you better understand the world of the mechminds and gain experience. It is the second generation that, after the Transfer, often replaces outdated control modules at the bases, plants, and other mechanisms. As an example, every turret of the buildings have been controlled by second-generation mechminds for a very long time.

Third generation Edit

When Super was creating the third generation he used the organic technologies of the Arlings, taken from the project that was closed by the Creators. The mechminds created in such a way are seriously different from the rest. They always choose biomechanic gliders which appeared with this generation. However, those are by far not all the differences between the organic symbiots and regular mechminds of molectronic origin.

The most unusual part of them formed the Siniger clan. These are very strong symbiots that have their own goals that cannot be understood by anyone else. Super considers the third generation a failure, although the Siniger are the strongest clan of the Range, except for the First, who are often simply better organized and equipped.

Fourth generation Edit

The fourth generation came out the most strange and unlike everyone else. First, they do not fight at all, which is quite unusual for mechminds. Their main goal is obtaining information on everything that goes on in the world, which is why they became known as the Reckoners. Super is positive that their high potential cannot be revealed. Yes, they do collect information, but they make no use of it. Probably, Super is mistaken and with time the Reckoners will change.

Fifth generation Edit


The player is the first (and in A.I.M. the only) representative of this generation. Unlike others, the fifth generation can select an unlimited number of targets and use them as they want. Technically this is a very flexible system, built on the basis of Super's own research and development, using only Arling biotechnologies and some previously classified research of the Creators in this field.

After the player moved to the Outer Edges, Super went unseen for a great deal of time. When he emerged once more, it took him something like one day to have all the bases receive new types of gliders. The Rock Sector base 1 alone received twelve new fifth generation mechminds, though nobody knows anything about the technology involved in their production. In any case, these mechminds found their place at the Range. It is quite easy to find them to find them using the Reckoners search system, as it indicates fifth generation mechminds with a violet color on the attention indicator.

The fifth generation has devided into factions, like everyone else. Almost each member of that generation has become a leader of its own clan, which seems to suit them fine. This has left the balance of power on the Range to be in limbo for quite some time. However, a war recently broke out in the Desert Sector. The entire Black Players clan was destroyed; the Mercators and the Phantoms became so weak as to let a large group of the Seekers into the sector. Another two clans were also left on the verge of complete annihalation. The next move of the Mercators and the Phantoms are uncertain, but the Reckoners are sure that the player can unite those clans.

Only the unity of all generations of Mechminds have allowed the Reckoners to create a powerful information system which is also able to develop some upgrades. It forces to wonder what new and amazing abilites would come of a structure consisting of the fifth generation mechminds, who are superior to the rest of the others in virtually every way. It seems that only Super knows the answer.

Specifications Edit

  • Weight: 50 kg



In the first game, mechminds that aren't from missions can behave in three different ways.

There are stationary mechminds, which stay at one place and attack enemies in a specified radius. The Invaders are a example for this behaviour.

Similar to that are patrolling mechminds, which move between specified points, following the range roads. They attack and chase enemies, until they are out of sight. Hunters behave like this.

Trading mechminds, move between buildings by following the range roads. Their gliders might be filled with goods, depending on where they were and where they currently head to. They attack and chase enemies, until they are out of sight. It's the typical behaviour of the Trances.


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