Nautilus is a huge creature living in the depths of the swamps. The name comes from the visual images that reminded of an ancient terrestrial mollusk of the same name, but its actual appearance is still up for debate.

This being is trying to establish contact with the mechminds, but his method of data exchange is provided by energy waves which destroy the mechminds intelligences and destruct gliders. This is why everyone should flee when seeing an anomaly on the attention indicator, indicating Nautilus with a turquoise color.

The first clue of it's existance is the destruction of the ruined base. It were the aforementioned energy waves which caused this, and nobody, not even Super, knew about the existance of Nautilus at this time. The Reformation managed what exaclty has transpired.

Protection against NautilusEdit

The Reckoners came to an idea how to protect themselves from such a powerful attempt to make "contact" and developed a special device, called a quasi-mental diffuser, through which the energy of the incoming impulse will be dispersed to all clan members via the quasi-mental field. This is why the Reckoners wanted the player to have a strong clan before entering the Toxic Swamp Sector.

Contact with NautilusEdit

The player is given a quasi-mental diffuser from the research laboratory in order to find out what Nautilus intentions are. This device can seperate the information from the quasi-mental impact of Nautilus. After the deffuser is getting activated by getting near to the center of the anomaly, the player can go to one of his clan's buildings to get an infopack about the information received.

It turns out that Nautilus is interested in the Sinigr clan, but can't communicate with it directly because of the contour fields. Apparently, they interfere with the signal, causing the Nautilus' impulses to pass through the field without transmitting any meaningful information. But Nautilus doesn't have the courage to destroy the field, because he doesn't know whether it would hurt the Sinigr or not. The Reckoners don't know it either, but have a solution to this puzzle. The player is given a multi-use key to the Swamp Sector to communicate with the Sinigr and transmit that data to Nautilus.

At the research laboratory, the information block of the player's communicator are enhanced so that it's possible to say Nautilus that the Sinigr want him to destroy one of the contour field's generators. It will take him seven turns of the planet until he gets there and destroys it. The Sinigr become free from the sectors boundaries and spread all over the planet. As their gratitude, the player will be gifted with the organic modifier.

Nautilus' positionEdit

Trying to find Nautilus can be hard as the creature is constantly moving. It might also be outside of the sector's boundaries. However, mechminds were often hit by Nautilus' impulses in the eastern part of the Toxic Swamp Sector.


  • Without the quasi-mental diffuser, the player dies when coming near to Nautilus. Other mechinds, though, don't.

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