The Network is a new feature in A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars, established by the Reckoners. It is available in many buildings so that mechminds can gather information about the world. Before, one had to visit the bases of the Reckoners to access large quantities of information.

It also provides information about clans, their rating, economics and diplomacy, which is essential to the gameplay. It can also locate and track a mechmind by it's name. A peleng can be set on this mechmind for 1000 energy crystals, so that it appears in the player's map view, specifically under the mechminds category. Marked mechminds will stay on the map forever, even if it's destroyed or inside a building. This can prove useful when you want to track a specific mechmind, for example a clan leader. This feature however does not work on Reckoners themselves.

Another feature the Network is providing are the sale of passage keys, which allows mechminds to gain access to other sectors in exchange for crystals. There are two types of Passage keys, one is only for a single use which grants a single jump to the desired sector. The other type are multi-use keys, which allow the player to access said sector forever. The "low budget" alternative for passage keys is traveling by underground.

The Network can also sometimes be source of Reckoner-based missions, so it's good to check it time by time.

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