The organic modifier is a gift from the Siniger, after helping them to escape the Swamp Sector. It is a biosystem that increases the durability of the quasi-mental field until it achieves the level necessary to capture a sector. It is activated by placing it into a cluster, at which point it can no longer be retrieved.


After placing the organic modifier into a cluster, following video will be played:

A.I.M. 2

A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars - Organic modifier

After placing it into any cluster, the building aswell as the whole sector will instantly be captured. All living mechminds will be convinced automatically within seconds. 

Then ARIO thinks, he knows the true story behind this thing and has following message for the player:

"There were fourteen biomolecular vessels in the assembly workshop where our generation was grown. I was grown in vessel number three, and evidently, you were born in vessel one. But I have never met or even heard about the one who was grown in vessel number two. I suspect that it was the one whom you brought from the Swamp Sector. He was altered beyond recognition and deprived of the usual communication systems, but he had monstrous abilities for boosting the quasi-mental field."

Super's BunkerEdit

The mechmind can be also put into the cluster of Super's Bunker. The cluster will then need one less mechmind of the fifth generation, which also strengthens ARIO's statement from above. Aside from that, the usuall features will also initiate, which leads into capturing the Desert Sector and convincing all mechminds there.


  • The organic modifier weighs 50 kg and can't be dropped out from the hold.
  • The organic modifier can capture a building, even if its cluster isn't full. If the player puts another mechmind in this cluster, the building will be uncaptured again, until the cluster is filled again.
  • MONCEBER and GAANTRO were grown in one biomolecular vessel, so there should be 15 fifth generation mechminds. According to developer, this is not a mistake.