The memory chip inside the glider where the passage keys are stored.

The passage keys represent a special type of information, which makes it possible to travel to different sectors. It is stored in the glider's memory and is taken from there with the help of a standard passage tunnel interface. A typical key only has information on a single route in the null-space. It is common knowledge that the null-space is unstable and that a glider can only take a given route once, after which this route will no longer exist for him. When sending the glider through the route, the passage tunnel makes a mark into the key that this route has already been used.

Multi-use passage keysEdit

So-called multi-use passage keys were developed for the mechminds' convenience. It has nearly two million calculated routes to a given destination for every mechmind. Every time the multi-use key is used, the passage tunnel reads one of the routes and marks it as used. After two million leaps, a multi-use key wears out.

The routes in the key are specifically calculated for every individual mechmind. Calculations in the null-space are very sophisticated. They require multiple checks and take quite a lot of time and effort from the Network, which is why such keys are expensive.


Passage keys can be bought on the Reckoners' network. It depends on the current sector, where those keys are are heading.

The passage key for the Desert Sector is given to the player after checking the network for the first time. He is able to buy passage keys for another sectors then. The following table shows the ways of proceeding to another sector by using the key, sold in the sector where the arrow is coming from.

Desert Sector
Highlands Sector
Arctic Sector
Altitude Sector
Destroyed Sector
Tundra Sector
Rock Sector

The price for a single key is 3000 energy crystals. For the multi-use key, mechminds have to pay 100000 energy crystals.

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