The platform is a special glider, not accessible for players. This glider has a big capacity and strong armor but its maneuverability and speed are fairly low. It can't carry any weapons except ammo.

Its only appearance in the first game is in the mission of the Tundra Sector's climate actuator where it's piloted by a mechmind called PLATFORM-K17. In the second game it appears requlary in platform escort missions.

Glider specifications Edit


  • Glider type: N/A
  • Weight / Capacity: 1000 / 9000 kg
  • Standard: 1
  • Strength: 100000 units
  • Time to U-turn: 6,00 sec.
  • Turn speed: 30 °/sec.
  • Price: N/A

A.I.M. 2. Clan WarsEdit

  • Typee of hull: N/A
  • Weight / Capacity: 1000 / 12500 kg
  • Standard: 1
  • Durability: 100000 units
  • Turn speed: 30 °/sec.
  • Price: 0 energy crystals

Trivia Edit

  • It's the strongest glider in both games, even stronger than the Armadillo.
  • Due to its relatively large size, it may make it difficult or completely impossible to enter some buildings when given to the player.