The rating shows the rank of a mechmind. The player can earn rating points by delivering mechminds into a base, making profit at trading or by completing missions. The following table shows the diferrent rating steps.

Rating Rank Points needed for next step
1 Beginner 50
2 Innocuous 150
3 Ordinary 300
4 Advanced 1000
5 Progressive 3500
6 Dangerous 10000
7 Lethal 35000
8 Victorious 150000
9 Unbeatable 800000
10 Perfect 9000000

After collecting the 9 million points for the step to rating 11 (10 million points in total), it will still show the rating 10 (Perfect). The Quickinfo for the filled rating bar will say that the rating is 11.00 though. It seems that the developers thought that no one would be able to get this rating in a legal way.

When a glider is destroyed, the mechmind is picked up by a rescue glider or other mechminds. When this occurs, you lose one rating step. Losing all points to zero results in Resetting. Of course, a mechmind has the possibility to live with a zero rating for a while. The loser will be given a standard glider a couple of times, but if he does not earn anything and is constantly destroyed, he will be Reset. His memory will be erased, and the mechmind himself will be returned to the first sector  where all the rookies start.

Sometimes, though, the memory can be restored. For instance, if the mechmind was in a clan and was found by one of his kinsmen, some part of the memory will be returned. Restoring the combat experience is especially useful because this allows you to quickly increase rating points. This is why the clans often look for their kinsmen in the initial sectors.

Rating in A.I.M. 2. Clan WarsEdit

Super invented a new rating system when it became evident that the majority of the mechminds prefer to undertake some missions that help to define their identity. Mechminds can be now delivered to every building, instead to the passage tunnels, and they provide energy crystals and no rating points. Instead, there are three seperated types of rating: combat, trade and courrier.

At the identification, the player can take one of three specializations. The player starts with a rating of 3 (200 rating points) in one of the rating types, depending on his decision.

The own rating can be looked up in the statistics. It's unclear how the own rating is represented to other mechminds. Probably the highest rating is shown to them.


The combat rating is given for the destruction of an enemy glider. The more powerful the glider and the higher the combat rating of the piloting mechmind, the more rating points are received for its destruction. Fighters wit ha high rating level are respected and feared.


The trade rating is given for conducting deals for the purchasing and sale of goods. A trader with the high trade rating gets goods for a lower price, and sells them at a higher price.


The courier rating is given for accomplishing a variety of missions, typically involving simple transport of messages or special cargo. The higher the rating, the better the reward.


  • In fact, mechminds lose a rating point only in rare cases, if being destroyed by someone else than the player.
  • Based on the player's (combat) rating, buildings will call the player by his rank. In A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars however, buildings will call the player "Cheater", after hitting the 11th combat rating.