The so called Reformation took place in the time of the absence of the player between the first and second game.

It unified the minds of all Mechminds into one multi-dimensional structure. It sounds impossible, but it allowed everyone to see the world through the seonsors of another, allowing everyone to know the individual Goals of every other one.

A.I.M. 200:06

A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars - Install

Essentially, it was the development of a special process by Super, wherein Mechminds were imbued with quasi-mental fields. They can be used by any Mechmind, including the player. But his internal quasi-mental chains must be first unblocked. A video of a high-frequency impulse which unblocks them will be played at the beginning of A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars.

There is one general feature ability accessible by everyone: linking the quasi-mental chains of another Mechmind to ones own. It usually requires a lot of energy, but on the other hand, it helps the other Mechmind to fully understand and accept the ideas and goals of the linking one. The various clans in the second game made use of such a possibility and called it convincing.

It changed the Mechminds in an instant. The unity of the structure did not last long. It broke down into many elements, with each having its own color, force and structure. Each element represented a newly created clan. A clan is no longer just a group of Mechminds united by a mutual concept of perfection. It is now an element of the original multidimensional structure. It is initially simpler and weaker than what clans once were, but it can develop and become more complicated, if it generates force through numbers. However, it can fade or even completely vanish if a clan should weaken. We are sure that Super gave the Mechminds a new stimulus for individual development. Some could use it right away, such as us as well as the Sinigr, but no one knows to what the full potential of what we called the quasi-mental field may be.

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