STNAR-94 is a mechmind of the Free Ones who lives in the Tundra Sector.

He spawns near the Raw Materials Base after accepting the fourth mission of the secondary base.

He got into this sector, impeding the trade by killing many mechminds. His reason is that he finds it easy game to destroy others and that the loot is good. He should be destroyed and brought to the secondary base.

Mechmind: STNAR-94




Energy shield:

Light weapon:

Heavy weapon:


5star 5


Titanium armor

Power-shield generator type-1

Infranuclear plasma-thrower



  • There is an error, where the base calls the mechmind Stnar-07 if the mission was failed and the journal Stnar-114.
  • He won't disappear like other mechminds that are used for missions.

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