STOK-19 is a mechmind of the Free Ones who lives in the Tundra Sector.

He spawns near the passage tunnel after accepting the third mission of the secondary base.

He is an enemy of the Reckoners and destroys them if he sees them. His reason is that they refused to give him information because he did not have enough energy crystals to pay them. As Reckoners don't fight, they let a reward for the one who destroys him at the secondary base of the Tundra Sector. He is a very aggressive mechmind, attacking nearly everyone with his strong weapon, so be careful.

Mechmind: STOK-19




Energy shield:

Light weapon:

Heavy weapon:


4star 4


Polymer armor

Power-shield generator type-2

Meson emitter



  • There is an error, that STOK-19 is called Stock-19 in the journal.
  • Disappears after destroying once.

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