Scarab is a cargo glider of the 1st standard.

Good aerodynamics allow it to gain very high speeds. The favorite glider of the Trances.

Glider specificationsEdit


  • Glider type: cargo
  • Weight / Capacity: 1250 / 2250 kg
  • Standard: 1
  • Strength: 2800 units
  • Time to U-turn: 4,50 sec.
  • Price: 20000 energy crystals

This glider can be bought in the Rock Sector's secondary and Panzer secondary base.

A.I.M. 2. Clan WarsEdit

  • Type of hull: Trading
  • Weight / Capacity: 1250 / 4375 kg
  • Standard: 1
  • Durability: 2800 units
  • Turn speed: 55 °/sec.
  • Price: 9000 energy crystals

This glider can be bought in the Desert Sector.

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