Every mechmind chooses to follow his own way of specialization. In this case, it means a way of development, in which the mechmind earns energy crystals and rating.

There are three types of development: Warrior, Trader and Courier. At the start of A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars, the player has to remember which development suited him best. Depending on what of the three developments he takes, he will get the right glider and weapon for that, and also starts with a rating of 3, in one of the fitting rating types.


Warriors like to fight for their development. In order to get some rating, they have to destroy nearly every enemy mechmind that passes them and get their money by taking their cargo. In the Rock Sector, this development works quite good for the Invaders, because everyone is too afraid to fight them. In higher sectors though, it gets harder and more dangerous, but it still stays the fastest way to earn rating.

If the player takes this development at the start of A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars, he will be given a combat-glider called Mantikora and a pair of nuclear cannons, aswell as the basic gluon reactor and ion engine.


Traders develop by making profit. They buy and sell goods, which grants some rating if profit was made. It might take some time to get a high rating by that, but the amounts of energy crystals earned is not compareable with the other developments.

The weapons carried by traders are more about their functionality than their effectiveness. While carrying goods they are too vulnerable to fight. There is one example, though, that fights very much while being in the middle of their trading route: The Panzers.

If the player takes this development at the start of A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars, he will be given a Scarab and the basic impulse laser I type. He will also get a plasma engine, which is faster than the ion engine, a basic gluon reactor, and a increased power antigrav which increases the cargo capacity.


The only thing a courier needs are a fast glider and the drive to achieve its goals. Couriers don't need any weapons because they take missions, which are mostly infopack-deliveries, where information has to be delivered from one base to another. 

This development is the latest one that emerged. It started with the changes in the communication system, as the bases only shared informations through the underground communications before, at least if they were important enough, because this communication needed high amounts of energy. So the bases started to send so called courier mechminds with infopacks to establish a new, inexpensive kind of communication.

If the player takes this development at the start of A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars, he will be given a Lightning and the basic impulse laser I type, aswell as the basic gluon reactor and ion engine. Additionally there will be installed the energy shield type II and a polymer armor in this glider, which is some pretty good protection for the beginning.


Security is a specialization, the player himself can't take while clan members can. Mechminds of that kind of specialization behave like Warriors, with the only difference that they protect a certain area, while Warriors move through the entire sector without targeting a special destination. It can be also viewed like that: the Securities are protectors and the Warriors are attackers.

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