This page contains the complete official story of the game in full detail. It was created for those who want to look up certain parts of the story again. Everyone who hasn't played the through the game shouldn't read any further than to the end of the introduction, or chances are that the story gets spoiled.


The introduction can be found on the manual book of the first game. It reads following:

Several centuries have passed since the time when the humans launched their first spaceship to another star system. With the enhancing of technology the people moved deeper into the space settling on new planets, available for their habitat. This continued until they’d find out that other races are also interested in these planets. The first race the humans have encountered had peaceful intentions seeing a possibility for mutually advantageous cooperation and exchange of technologies. They called themselves the Arling and had highly developed biotechnologies. The Arling dwelled predominantly under the sea, while the humans were more interested in the land. They were older than humans, and had been involved in a resource war for a long time. But other races, having learned about the new allies of the Arling, automatically made the humans their enemies. This was how humans became engaged in a galaxy warfare.

Habitable planets were colonized by those civilizations whose military and other resources were located closer to these planets. But there were always the competitors, who were trying to save their own older planets from overpopulation. This was how warfare started around a new potential colony. Those mainly occurred in the space, but if one of the sides managed to settle a new colony, hostilities would move down to the surface. In order to save the planet in habitable condition and the conflicting parties seldom used powerful planetary weapons, and methods of taking over the colonies and guerrilla warfare were similar to those that were used by human civilizations many centuries ago.

Ground warfare basically became the main reason for the appearance of polygons. The alliance of the humans and the Arling built these colossal complexes of planetary scale. Planets, rich with various resources but uninhabitable for this or that reason were chosen to build the polygons at. All of them were located in the scarcely explored corners of the universe, which for a number of reasons were of no interest for the sides in conflict. In addition to that, these planets have been initially unfit for humanoid populations and, therefore, had no value for the civilizations at war.

The Polygons were used to test ground military ordnance. Nobody knew for sure how many of them were actually built. The polygons were fully autonomous complexes with closed supply and maintenance systems. The resources were extracted from the planet, and the tests of the new ordnance and equipment were held in the special terraformed areas, under conditions that were maximum similar to combat ones. Terraforming was used to imitate the terrain types of those planets that were of interest for the humans or the Arling. Thus the ordnance was fully adapted for the real conditions.

For reasons of information security and increasing the efficiency while keeping the cost low, the Polygons were controlled by autonomous super-computer complexes and the ordnance itself was tested by robots. The most successful models would then be shipped by transport space-drones to automated stations drifting in the open space. These stations would constantly changing their coordinates, following a certain algorithm. Everything was processed without any human involvement. They used self-upgrading software that would provide for complete secrecy.

The ships delivering cargo and information were of a very small size, which made it difficult for the enemy to locate them in the space. The stations, as said earlier, were constantly changing their coordinates and were perfectly equipped with masking devices, plus they were mostly traveling in the open space and locating them proved extremely difficult. Thus, it was next to impossible to find out where a ship came from and where did it go. The ordnance grew in numbers, the polygons were built at highest security and reliability level, and could autonomously function for thousands of years, having a closed cycle of reproduction and a self-adaptable integral intellect of super-computers.

Dozens of years have passed since the day the first polygon was launched. The war went on. The humans and the Arling were making much progress in the planetary battles, mainly thanks to the extensive use of robots and perfect combat-tested ordnance from the polygons, but were often beaten in the open space. To correct the situation the Arling in collaboration with the people and then following them some other civilizations started using gene-weapons and neutron bombs of super-high killing power. After these weapons were used no life was left on these planets. With time this would become the standard practice, and war was taken to a new more destructive level. The number of colonies was swiftly dropping, and populations were rapidly reducing. Many understood that this would end in all-out destruction but could do nothing about it. And the all of a sudden – an external power has appeared. Many thought that this was a new weapon of old enemies, but it destroyed everyone. Some thought that these were aliens from another galaxy who have cross the intergalactic space. Alas, by that time there was no one left to listen to these thoughts. The space armadas of the conflicting powers were fully destroyed in very short periods of time. The populations of all colonies would suddenly find themselves without all ordnance and equipment, which was mysteriously and instantaneously turned into a pile of ashes. Many colonies the life of which was exclusively dependant on technologies they were using died out. Billions of people and others races, that participated in the conflicts (which basically meant all that were at a sufficiently high level of development) perished. All civilizations were knocked back for centuries in their development, deprived of their technologies, many of them would barely cling on to a primeval level of existence. The moment of collapse was called the Judgment Day. After that a forced peace came for many centuries.

A lonely planet was going revolving along a long orbit around an unnamed red giant. There Polygon-4 was located, which, by the Arbiter’s decision, was left intact. However one should not be mislead into thinking that the power, named the Arbiter, missed or forgot about this isle of technology in the ocean of barbarism that devoured the once powerful civilizations of humans, Arling and other races that participated in the galaxy wars. The Arbiter split into Beholders that settled down at the root planets of those races who participated ion the conflict. One of the Beholders settled down at Polygon-4.

This would be the right moment to explain the nature of the Arbiter. The Arbiter is the representation of the galactic super-intellect, which is directed at saving the life. Blessed with practically unbounded power over the energy and space it effortlessly destroyed the fleets of civilizations. Although it may seem strange that he took lives, instead of saving them. The reason for that, if put shortly, may be as follows: it reduced the development level and, at that, the population quantity down to a size, from which the civilizations could change their way of development and reevaluate many of their values. Physically the Arbiter is a clot of super-intellect field, which is directly connected to the galaxy information field. This is why it knows everything that goes on in the galaxy at each given moment of time, and much about the future too. The Arbiter possesses unbounded power and can make use of the resources of the stars and the galactic core for his own needs. Which means no one will ever match it.

However our story is not directly connected with the Arbiter and will tell of the events that happened many years after the Arbiter appeared at Polygon-4 as the Beholder and which caused this appearance. At certain point of time the Super-computer complex of Polygon-4 found itself as an individual. It has detected the directives installed onto it by its human creators. These directives have controlled him before, but now it came round to seeing them as something foreign, something that tries to control its actions from the outside. The main directive – enhancement of technologies – it saw as its main purpose of existence. It learned the world from scratch scanning the memory modules and receiving information from outside sources. Since it had a different perception of time than the humans, and since it could simultaneously resolve a multitude of most complex tasks, already several hours later it was in full control of the situation.

With time it arrived at the conclusion that the technologies that must be enhanced were controlled by robots, whose main operation principles were similar to its own. While scanning the memory modules in search of something which would help it speed up the enhancement of combat vehicles, it has stumbled onto the theory of socium, the notion of competition, and many other things which could help the machines choose the way of development for themselves. However that required something, which the combat vehicles (or to be more exact the robots that controlled them), did not have then – a mind of their own. The ability to think, analyze and conclude, as well as instincts, emotions, and potential to develop these skills.

Several years passed. And although for Super this was a very long time, it did successfully accomplish the tactical task it had set for itself. Somehow, nobody knows how exactly, it gave minds to the test-robots. In fact the word robot itself is not quite accurate here, since it was a very powerful nano-computing module with behemoth-size memory, and an independent power unit. The module was enclosed in a small casing made of super-strong material. This allowed to avoid rebuilding a robot each time the combat vehicle was destroyed by simply putting it into a new vehicle. This was how the MechMind civilization began, something that the Arbiter had foreseen. The MechMinds were free of everything but for the strive for constant self-development. Each of them saw this as its Goal, the sole purpose of its existence. However the way to this Goals was up to them to choose. Super has given them the freedom of choice seeing this as the fastest method of reaching perfection.

At times the number of MechMinds would increase. Producing one MechMind would normally take about a year, and for each new one Super would slightly change the internal logic settings. Each new MechMind was different from the rest who’d been given a mind. This provided for a randomization factor in the development of the civilization.

The main character in the game is a new MechMind, which just appeared in this world. And received a standard glider, basic information package, and was let out into Zone Zero. The only thing, which made it different from other earlier models, was the fact that he could choose a Second goal in parallel to his main goal. However this slight difference has the potential to change the whole way of development. But did Super know about this..?

Story (A.I.M.)Edit

The story of the game is mainly described by log entries. They describe important events and are documented in the journal. Although they explain the main story, not every log entry is necessary for finishing the game. In the following list, they are ordered chronologically, how they could show up in a complete gameplay.

Before the game starts, an intro video will be played.


A.I.M. Intro

Before the game begins, this intro video will be played.

Rock SectorEdit

Log entry 1: Get to the baseEdit

At the start of the game, the player will already have his first log entry. The assembly shop greets the player with following message:

"The assembly shop welcomes the new mechmind. We will now test your neuron links. I will let you outside, go to the main base. It is not far from here; you will see it at once. If you make it successfully, this means you are all right. After they identify you at the base, you will get the basic equipment and the initial information. On your way you may meet other mechminds. They will not touch you while you are all in the security zone. Remember, It is prohibited to use any kind of weapons here. Go now. I hope everything is fine and you will not come back here again."

Log entry 2: Message from the FirstEdit

Entering the main base, the player first has to complete the identification. Then the next log entry will be created. It's about a message delivered a long time ago by the First Ones, which is adressed to the first representative of the fifth generation (you) with the following content:

"You are the only representative of the fifth, most developed generation of the mechminds. It is free from the directives of the Creators and is free to choose from several goals, which your predecessors cannot do. All the others who came before you can pursue only one goal - that is striving for perfection. The only difference is in how they see this perfection. You, on the other hand, have no limits. Possibly, this will help you cope with the tasks that Super is preparing you. These missions require an approach that is not accessible to other mechminds. They also require the knowledge of the world. In order to understand this world and its problems, you must live there for some time. But sooner or later you will meet Super. This is not going to happen soon, though. For now, visit Super's Obelisk in the Tundra Sector. In order to get there you must find a passage tunnel. This is something you can do on your own."

Log entry 3: Passage tunnel requirementsEdit

Entering the passage tunnel for the first time, creates the next log entry. It is about the requirements for traveling to the Tundra Sector, telling that mechminds need a rating of 3 and 1000 energy crystals to do that. The point is, that there is too much danger for a rookie to drop to a zero rating, which would result in a reset. The payment is for providing safety during this trip.

If the player has everything necessery to go to the next sector, he can make the transfer. It will cost between 100 and 1000 energy crystals, due to the unstability of this process.

Tundra SectorEdit

Log entry 4: Arrival at the Tundra SectorEdit

The next log entry is created after arriving at the Tundra Sector through the passage tunnel. The player must first go to the main base of the sector to registrate himself before travelling to another sector

Log entry 5: Registration completeEdit

Entering the main base for the first time will complete the registraition. The next log entry will be created.

After the name of the player has been put in the residents list of this sector, he can go back to the passage tunnel to get known about the conditions for going to the next sector

Log entry 6: Passage tunnel requirementsEdit

If the registration is complete, entering the passage tunnel will create the next log entry.

It is about the requirements for traveling to the Arctic Sector. It is Super's directive that the passage tunnel can't let go any mechmind to the sector that didn't reach the fifth rating.

If the player has everything necessery to go to the next sector, he can make the transfer. It will cost between 100 and 1000 energy crystals, due to the unstability of this process. 

There actually is a way to go to the Arctic Sector without hitting the fifth rating, if following the steps in the following log entries.

Log entry 7: Find SuperEdit

While visiting Super's Obelisk for the first time, three new log entries will be created. The first one will give the task, to find Super himself in the Desert Sector, to get more information about everything. The Obelisk says following about that:

"I was waiting for you, <name>. I have to admit that you arrived rather quickly. The fifth generation is obviously more effective than the others. If you complete Super's tasks, the generation will likely be developed further. The others can't do anything sensible; some of them are too far from Super's objectives. They live in their own world and do not care about what's going on around them.

I can not give you all of the information. I simply do not have it. All of the information is available from Super himself. His main modules are in the Desert sector. I believe when you get there, you will be able to complete any task."

Log entry 8: Visit the First's baseEdit

This is the second log entry while being in Super's Obelisk for the first time. The Obelisk will give you some more information about the First clan and wants the player to get contact with them, by visiting their main base in the Arctic Sector. The Obelisk gives following informations:

"The range is inhabited by mechminds and biomechanical gliders of various generations. Some generations are so small, that they form a separate clan. Others are very large. They have different ways of thinking, so don't be surprised when you encounter anything strange and illogical.

The closest clan to Super in terms of communication is the First. Probably they can tell you something useful. You should try to contact them at their bases, because the First ones are usually not very talkative. The nearest base of the First is in the Arctic sector."

Log entry 9: Find a quantum translatorEdit

This is the third and last log entry while being in Super's Obelisk for the first time. The Obelisk mentions that the First Ones may want to give you some informations, but in order to communicate with them, you must visit the First's bunker, where you have got access now. There you should get a translator device. The Obelisk gives following informations:

"Perhaps the First Ones want to inform you of something. They can be interested in you due to the fact that you are a representative of the newest generation. They use quantum translators for communication and in order to find their clansmen. If you install it, you can easily find the First Ones.

Quantum translators can be found in the First's bunker in this sector. I'll send an order. I give you access to the bunker, but you should find it yourself. You'll get this translator."

Log entry 10: Information about the First's bunkerEdit

Visiting the First's bunker after getting access for it from Super's Obelisk creates the next log entry. The bunker is irritated about your access and says following:

"I wonder, does everybody of the fifth generation have clearance, or are you the only one? You are not from the First clan, but since you are here, repair and take everything you need. You can only find some of the devices that the First Ones use here or at their bases. By the way, the First Ones themselves have not been here for a long time. They must be in the far sectors. I recall they had problems with the Siniger clan. Maybe you can meet them at the base in the Arctic Sector. I will mark the coordinates on your map. You already have clearance, so there should not be any problem. If they are not there, the base will let you know where to look for them."

Log entry 11: Quantum translatorEdit

This log entry is about the installation of a quantum translator, received at the First's bunker. This device makes it possible to communicate with the First Ones.

Log entry 12: Pass to the Arctic SectorEdit

After visiting the First's bunker to get the quantum translator and before hitting the fifth rating, there is the possibilty to pass to the next sector, without meeting the passage tunnel requirements of the Tundra Sector. Go to Super's Obelisk and it will say following:

"I can see you already have the quantum translator. I guess the rating system became obsolete with the new generation. You are definitely more effective than your fellows, so there is no sense in holding you any longer. I grant you access to the Arctic Sector. You can go there right now; the tunnel will let you pass. By the way, if you want to get any additional information, find the Reckoners. There are some of them in the next sector. But I gess they will find you. A mechmind of the fifth generation won't escape their attention."

Arctic SectorEdit

Log entry 13: Passage tunnel requirementsEdit

Right after arriving at the Arctic Sector through the passage tunnel, the next log entry will be created. It is about the requirements to go to the next sector - the Volcano Sector

It's not anymore about the rating. Now it is necessary to survive in a fight when there is nowhere to retreat. A mechmind needs that ability in the Volcano Sector. That's why the passage tunnel wants the player to go the Arena, where mechminds test their skills and earn rating for winning duels. 

If the player wants to get to the Volcano Sector, he'll have to win at least one fight in the Arena. 

Log entry 14: Request of the ReckonersEdit

This log entry is created if a Reckoner communicates with you. The game pauses then, so that you can read following message:

"You are the most advanced mechmind ever, <name>. We have been waiting for Super to create the fifth generation, and now it has happened. Before you reach Super, we have a small request. It won't delay you for long.

We need an information analyzer. One can purchase it from the Watchstones' testing complex in the Volcano sector. No one of our clan can get there.

Once you have the information analyzer, go to our base in that sector. There we will give you some valuable information on some of Super's objectives. That will help you to make the right decision in the future."

Log entry 15: Arena victoryEdit

This log entry is created after winning the first duel against ARGOTO in the Arena of the Arctic Sector.

This event will pass the passage tunnel requirements and you will be able to travel to the Volcano SectorArriving there, the next log entry about the passage tunnel requirements there will be created.

Log entry 16: Requirements for accessing the First's baseEdit

After entering the First's secondary base in the Arctic Sector for the first time, the next log entry will be created. The base recommends to go to the base in the Volcano Sector, but before the player gets access there, he should deliver six repair modules to the secondary base. It will say following:

"The First are not here, <name>. They had problems with the Siniger, and then a large part of the clan went to the far sectors, closer to the main base. Maybe you can find them in the Desert Sector or on the Hills, but stay away from the Swamp. The Siniger live there.

Have a look at the base of the First in the Volcano sector, you can find some more recent information there. I will give you access to that base if you bring me six repair units."

The player has to deliver all six repair modules at once to the base, to get access to the First's main base. 

Completing this log entry also unlocks the second mission of the First's secondary base and the player gets 12000 energy crystals for delivering them.

Log entry 17: Access to the First's base in the Volcano SectorEdit

The next log entry will be created after completing the log entry above by delivering six repair modules to the First's secondary base in the Arctic Sector.

With them, the building can repair a reactor, which was damaged by a fight between a Siniger and a First One. Before the turret could destroy him, the Siniger had time to launch several rockets, and one of them reached the reactor. The shield survived the hit, but it still had to be repaired.

The player will get 12000 energy crystals and access to the First's base in the Volcano Sector. 

Volcano SectorEdit

Log entry 18: Passage tunnel RequirementsEdit

Arriving at the Volcano Sector creates the next log entry. It is about the requirements for going to the Desert Sector.

Once again, the passage tunnel wants the player to go to the Arena of the Volcano Sector and win a duel. But this time he has to fight against three at once. After that, he will have access to the next sector.

Log entry 19: Meeting the FirstEdit

This log entry is created after communicating with group of First Ones called FIRST-017 at their destroyed base in the Volcano Sector.

If they recognized the player, they will repeat following message:

"What are you looking for here, <name>. The First's base? Come closer."

Coming closer, the game will be paused so that the next message can be read, which creates the log entry:

"We were late, <name>. We had a fight with the Siniger here and our base was destroyed. If you came here looking for information, you can only get it at our main base in the Highland Sector. We are just a convoy and can not tell you anything."

Log entry 20: Victory at the ArenaEdit

After winning the first duel against MEFROGEMEFILAN and FLIAN in the Arena of the Volcano Sector, this log entry will be created.

This event will pass the passage tunnel requirements and you will be able to travel to the Desert Sector. 

Log entry 21: The Siniger's proposalEdit

Entering the Sinigers' secondary base in the Volcano Sector for the first time, creates a new log entry. The player should do some tasks, that the base offers, to become friends with the Sinigers. The base will say following to the player:

"You are kind of strange, <name>. Although you are strong considering your young age. Probably you are tall the same in the fifth generation. I hope this generation is the Siniger's ally. Remember that our clan can be both a mighty ally and a fearsome enemy. I want you to take our side.

I'm not going to tell you our clan's goal now, since I don't know how loyal you can be. But it is easy to check.

There are several tasks that are hard for the Sinigers' warriors because the First attack them. The First will likely not touch you, if you haven't become their enemy yet. If you complete the tasks, you will become our ally! And no one except the First will stand in our way! Everybody is afraid of the Sinigers' vengeance!"

Log entry 22: Tasks of the Sinigers' secondary base completeEdit

After testing the effectiveness of a new weapon called acid proboscis on a First One in the second mission from the Sinigers' secondary base, the next log entry will be created. It gives the player access to their main base in the Swamp Sector.

Log entry 23: The analyzer delivered to the CalculatorsEdit

If the player enters the Reckoners' secondary base in the Volcano Sector with an information analyzer equipped, they will have a following message for him, which a new log entry. It is about upgrading this device to use it for contacting an alien intelligence, also known as the Beholder.

"We have long tried to get this device, but only the Watchstones own it now. They do not allow any of us into their complex. But you came to our base and brought the analyzer. I'll have to make a copy to upgrade it later. Now you can read the information we promised you. The Reckoners identified the alien intelligence in the Range a long time ago. However, all our attempts to contact it have failed. We know that the intelligence is physically located somewhere in the Desert Sector, but nobody knows what it is exactly. The main modules of Super are there as well, but the unidentified intelligence has nothing to do with them. It looks like Super does not know anything so far, since he is busy with other issues. He probably prepared some tasks for you, but they will hardly be connected with the unknown intelligence. However, we do not know all the objectives of Super and we can be wrong. The time of your meeting with him is coming. Remember what we told you. If you contact the unknown intelligence or at least find it, let us know. Our main base is located in the same sector as Super."

Desert and following sectorsEdit

Log entry 24: Access to the Highland and Swamp SectorEdit

Anyone entering the Desert Sector automatically gains access to the Highland and Swamp Sector. Now there is the possibility to go anywhere without any tests.

Log entry 25: Super is waitingEdit

This log entry is created after visiting the Firsts' main base for the first time. The base will repeat following message as long as the player wasn't at Super's Bunker in the Desert Sector yet:

"We know that Super is waiting for you."

Log entry 26: Infopack deliveryEdit

At the same time as the log entry above is created, Firsts' main base gives you the task to deliver an infopack to Super, containing the report on the war between the Firsts and the Sinigers and information about the efficiency of the First's equipment. It also contains a request concenring a new weapon. 

Log entry 27: Super's greetingEdit

This log entry is created after entering Super's bunker for the first time. Super will say following:

"Finally you have arrived, <name>! I spent a lot of resources to create the new generation, which you belong to.

If you can complete the tasks, which are impossible to any of the existing mechminds, then that will prove, that I have succeeded in one of the most complicated task - creating a full-fledged intelligence! When I have the proof of the success, I will start to mass produce ones like you."

Log entry 28: Finding information anomalyEdit

This log entry is also created while visiting Super's Bunker for the first time.

Super detected an increased activity of the Reckoners in the Desert Sector. They are interested in the information anomaly, located in the dried up lake, but they can't understand what it is. They also call him the Beholder. He sent the First Ones there, but they found nothing. Nothing of this kind is planned in the Range, which comes Super strange.

The task is that the player locates the anomaly precisely with the information analyzer.

Log entry 29: Instruction on creating new weaponEdit

After accomplishing log entry 25, this log entry will be created. At Super's Bunker, the player will be given a technology manual, which should be delivered to the First's main base in the Highlands Sector. 

Log entry 30: New weapon createdEdit

After delivering the instruction on creating a new weapon to the First's main base, it will develop a weapon called impulse mega-laser, which will be unlocked in their shop then. It should be the most destructive weapon in the game. As soon as it is ready, the player will get a message during gameplay which pauses the game. 

Log entry 31: Finding the BeholderEdit

This log entry is created after visiting the Sinigers' main base in the Swamp Sector for the first time. The Sinigers recommend to come in contact with the Beholder, who can be found in the Desert Sector, if this is not already done. The player will get following message from the base:

"My greetings to the symbiot of the fifth generation! Possibly you can do what neither the Siniger, nor the Reckoners managed to do. To contact the Beholder. Maybe it would like to help us. There is a little chance of success, but still it is possible.

The Reckoners tried to use the information analyzer, but did not have any results. You should try, maybe some additional features of this device are available to the fifth generation."

Log entry 32: The Beholder's adviceEdit

This is a log entry which will be created after finding and communicating with the Beholder, that lies in the dried up lake of the Desert Sector. The player needs an information analyzer to understand its message. The Beholder recommends destroying the creators' ship in the lab outside the Range. This should be done to free Super from the obsolete obligations, which he does for the long gone creators. Doing that should open a new path of evolution for the mechminds.

"Finally there is a really intelligent member of your race! I welcome you, <name>. I have long waited for an opportunity to talk to a mechmind, because it is you, not Super, who will develop the new civilization. But first it is required to change some things in your artificial environment.

You have been to most of its regions and surely understand, that the stability is just a question of time. If several large systems, like climate-actuator, fail at once, the Range will be dead very shortly.

Mechminds can not live without the supporting systems, they are too dependent on them. If they are freed from this dependence, the mechminds' civilization will go to the new heights and develop at its full potential.

You are the first actually intelligent mechmind, really equal to your creators, excluding you physical organization. It limits your development. Above all you can not reproduce. Super can change it all, but to do that he will have to get rid of the direction of those, who created your world.

Super is still trying to complete the obsolete task. It is to create, test gliders and send them to the creators, who need them for interplanetary warfare. But those wars are long gone. You will find out later what happened to those, who created the Range. Now I am going to tell you what can be done today.

The planet's external environment is very much different from what you've seen here under the contour field. However that is the world you are going to live in. The creators build the Range with the conditions, which fitted themselves. Mechminds on the contrary will be able to live anywhere. You don't need millions of years of evolution to adapt to a new environment.

But now the obsolete task of the creators is in the way. Sometime Super will get rid of it, but not it is still in force. The direction can be cancelled because it is impossible to complete it, and then a new alternative evolution path will become available.

There is a sure way to do so. There is a creators' lab outside the Range.

You have to get outside the Range through the emergency exit, find the lab and destroy the ship. The exit to the outside world is in this sector, deep in the mountains to the West. When you're done, Super should be informed. Then it will be clear that the last means of communication with humans is lost.

That will cancel all the creators' orders and Super will start the actual development of your race. Go ahead! You are the only one who can change this world and make your civilization realize its potential."

Log entry 33: Contact with the BeholderEdit

This log entry can be created by passing a Reckoner that communicates with the player after getting the Beholder's advice. The communication will pause the game and following message will show up from the Reckoner:

"I succeeded in contacting the Beholder! We realized it after the information anomaly was significantly disturbed. If you tell us anything about the Beholder, and what you understand about it, we will give you some information, which is not available to anyone in the Range. Including the information about our objective. Go to our base. The information exchange will let you proceed with a greater confidence."

Log entry 34: Contact with the BeholderEdit

After getting the Beholder's advice, entering the Reckoners' main base creates a new log entry. The base will tell the player that he is capable of bringing changes to the world. It also gives more informations about the goals of the Reckoners, which nobody else knows. 

Log entry 35: The Siniger agree with the BeholderEdit

Entering the Siniger's main base after communicating with the Beholder, this log entry will be created. The base will have following message for the player: 

"I welcome a symbiot of a new generation! Your contact with the Beholder proved, that you can do things, that other can not. For starters, it is required to modify Super's main objective. If the Beholder is right, this is only possible if the space shuttle in the Creators' lab is destroyed. You'll have to go to the outside world, find the lab and destroy the shuttle. We can not do that. The First interfere blocking all of our actions."

Log entry 36: Protection against the energy anomalyEdit

This log entry is created after entering the Siniger's main base. The base recommends you to try to get a device from Super, which will allow you to get to the outside world. They have the information, that Super is looking for something outside the contour field. 

Log entry 37: Disturbance of the contour fieldEdit

When being in Super's Bunker after communicating with the Beholder, a new log entry will be created.

Super's detectors identified a disturbance of the countour field in the mountains to the West. There were several Reckoners in the area. Their gliders were destroyed and the rescuer can not get there because of the sudden information anomaly. 

Before going there, the player should visit the Reckoners' main base, to get the mission Saving the Reckoners for picking up the mechminds and the container they found there. This will show the location of the anomaly.

Log entry 38: The anomaly foundEdit

The player has to cross the location where RECWIL-25 from the mission above turned back, so that the next log entry will be created. A message will then show up, saying that the parameters of the unknown anomaly have been recorded. A sound of an accomplished mission can be heard there.

Log entry 39: Unknown containerEdit

In the mission Saving the Reckoners, the player had to pick up the mechminds of the destroyed Reckoners and a container they found there. Bringing this container to the Reckoners' main base will create this log entry. 

The base won't be able to identify the contents of the container. It looks like a device, but the base hasn't seen anything like that before. 

Log entry 40: Assembling field compensationEdit

This log entry is created while visiting Super after finding the unknown anomaly. The player should bring a technology manual to the First's main base in the Highland Sector. There a powerful field compensation module will be assembled, which will help to get to the outside world. 

The player can also decide to deliver the technology manual to the Sinigers' main base, where the defense module will also be assembled. The First Ones will turn into an enemy if doing so.

Log entry 41: Main objectiveEdit

This log entry is also created while visiting Super's bunker after finding the unknown anomaly. The player will get the anchor of transition and following objective from Super:

"There is a space shuttle in the lab. One can send information to the Creators with it. You are the only one who can do what I propose. Find the lab and find out if the space shuttle is in working order. If everything is fine, you will have to go to the Earth. That is the home planet of the Creators; all of their ships have its coordinates and will get you there automatically.

Since I do not know what happened to the Creators and what kind of information they might need, I give you an infopack with the full report on the current situation in the Range-4. They will make the other decisions. I will be waiting for the result. 

Another thing: at the First base you will receive zero-anchor along with the protection module. When the shuttle takes off, activate it. It is equipped with an automatic transmitter. So I will learn that you have completed a part of the mission and are proceeding further. After you arrive to the Earth, give the anchor to the Creators. With this anchor I can transfer anything to any point in space, where this anchor is located. It is also possible to receive anything here, in our passage tunnels, if the anchor is used in the zero-space generator. Probably the Creators will need it."

The zero-anchor is actually already given here, at Super's bunker.

Affiliating with the SinigersEdit

At this point, there are three options to get to the outside world. The following log entries are created by affiliating with the Sinigers.

Log entry 42: Deliver the infopackEdit

This log entry will be created if the technology manual for the protection module against the anomaly was brought to the Sinigers' main base instead of the First's main base. This will instantly turn the First Ones into your enemy.

While the protection module is being assembled, go to the Reckoners' main base in the Desert Sector and deliver an infopack. All of the Siniger clansmen will be informed about the further actions and will be ready. 

Log entry 43: The Reckoners received the Siniger's messageEdit

After delivering the message from the Sinigers to the Reckoners' main base, this log entry will be created and they'll warn the Siniger's warriors.

Log entry 44: TS_L7_B_SIN01_C_BRIEFEdit

The Sinigers' main base will need 24 hours to assemble the protection module. If the time has passed, the player get notified during gameplay, which pauses the game and creates a log entry. 

Log entry 45: Protection module is doneEdit

Entering the Sinigers' main base after being notified will create a new log entry. The base will install the experimental device into the player's glider. Unfortunately, he is the only one that gets it. 

The player should meet a large group of Sinigers at the passage tunnel of the Desert Sector, going to the passage to the outside world together.

Affiliating with the First OnesEdit

At this point, there are three options to get to the outside world. The following log entries are created by affiliating with the First Ones.

Log entry 42: Assembling protection moduleEdit

This and the next log entry is created if the technology manual is received by the First's main base. It will start to assemble the protection module.

Log entry 43: Message for the FirstEdit

While the protection module is being assembled, go to the Desert Sector. There is a group of First Ones - informers called FIRST-44. Deliver them the message on the clan gathering.

Log entry 44: The First's meetingEdit

After delivering the message to the informers of the First Ones, the game will paused and they will have following reply: 

"The message received. We'll take measures. Our clansmen will gather together soon."

Log entry 45: Kill the leader of SinigerEdit

Returning to the First's main base will create a new log entry, about killing the leader of the Sinigers, called SINIGR. The base will say following:

"This mechmind is very dangerous, <name>. Siniger is the leader of the Siniger clan. He will prevent us from fulfillment of Super's task for sure. The First couldn't defeat him. There are too many symbiots of the Siniger clan in the Swamp Sector. Besides their leader is powerful. He can be found near the main base of the clan. Try to find him and kill. The one who can do it is you!"

Log entry 46: The leader of the Siniger clan is killedEdit

After killing SINIGR, this log entry will be created. It can also be created before delivering the technology manual to the First's main base which would result in choosing only the way - to affiliate with the First Ones. 

Following three messages from SINIGR will show up during the fight:

"I see you can shoot. But it's not enough. You'd better act wiser. Visit our base.", says SINIGR if being attacked. He will stay friendly to the player until he says: "Don't do such stupid things, <name>. Even if you kill me, it will be worse for everybody." 

If he's destroyed, he will have following death message, which creates the log entry: "Have you decided to spoil everything, <name>? That will cause many troubles..."

Log entry 47: The First are readyEdit

Returning to the First's main base will create a new log entry. The base mentions that the First Ones have gathered and are going to cover the player near the passage tunnel to the outside edges. The experimental device is assembled and installed in your glider while being in the base. 

The player will get the experimental device, which protects him from the unknown hazard.

Getting to the outside world by zero-transferEdit

At this point, there are three options to get to the outside world. The following log entries are created by using the zero-transfer. This option doesn't prevent to take on of the other two options afterwards and also vice versa.

Log entry 42: Base works on adaption of anchor of zero transferEdit

The main base in the Rock Sector is the only base that knows what the unknown device, found in the mission Saving the Reckoners, actually is an anchor of zero-transfer. This device was probably created before Super was. 

The anchor contains a vectorizator of zero-transfer which allows to send some material objects with the help of the passage tunnel. But the transfer point can be anywhere.

The base offers two options to the player. He can install the anchor to his glider and supply it with an actuator for 50000 energy credits or he can give the container to the base, if he don't want any risks. Deciding for installing it will create this log entry. The process of creating the actuator will take 40 hours.

Log entry 43: Anchor of zero-transfer installedEdit

Returning to the base after 40 hours creates the next log entry and the zero anchor with actuator will be installed on the glider.


This picture will show up for the outside world in the passage tunnel. It says in russian that there is no image. This image was never translated to other languages for first A.I.M. game.

Log entry 44: Anchor of zero-transfer activatedEdit

If the zero anchor with actuator is equipped, it will be activated as soon as entering the passage tunnel and a new log entry will be created. The passage tunnel receives the destination point and a new location for traveling is available. It is outside of all known sectors, called the outside world. 

The player can go there at any moment. To mention, there won't be any way back.

End (A.I.M.)Edit


After arriving to the outside world, the player has to find the external laboratory. If the player came there through the passage tunnel, it won't be hard to find it. Coming through the exit to the outside world though, the player will find himself at the other end of the world and has to find the right way to the building.

Entering the building it won't let you go outside anymore. At the moment the center is in preservation. Following functions are available.

1. Incoming information.

Taking this option will show some messages, but won't end the game.

Message dated 15.08.2420

Sender: Range-4 Coordinator, Earth.

Recipient: S-HD 76700-4, Research Center.

Orders to Center Manager: Freeze the "Super" system and shut down all processes at the Range-4. No action must be taken before the situation with the Arling is cleared.

Message dated 12.09.2420

Sender: Range-4 Coorinator, Earth.

Recipient: S-HD 76700-4, Research Center.

Orders to Center Manager: Evacuate to Earth with all staff as soon as possible. Situation critical, the workability of the Range-4 is stated as very low.

Message dated 17.12.2420

Sender: "Aurora" Star Arc.

Recipient: All who can hear us!

May Day! We have suffered severe damage! All who can hear us: the arc crash-landed on planet 3 in the HD 76700 system.

Message dated 24.07.2502

Sender: "Aurora" Star Arc.

Recipient: All, who can hear us!

The Aurora colony in the HD 76700 system cannot contact the Earth. Please transmit our coordinates to the Earth: S-HD 76700-3.


Background of the first end, showing the space shuttle.

2. Starting of space shuttle. Destination point: Terra-1.

Taking this option will depresevate the center and the space shuttle starts automatically in 1000 seconds. The game ends with these sentences:

"The mechmind of the fifth generation reached the space shuttle and went to the Creators. Never before, the old shuttle had such an unusual passenger. Two machines, one of which had mind, flew in space, where terrible space wars took place in former times.

Super received a signal from zero-transfer anchor. He could do nothing but wait. In case of failer he would run a new program which he made on basis of the analysis of data the Reckoners gave him. There are 20.000 hours left until the program started.

The most powerful clans of the Range - The First and the Siniger stood motionless in waiting. The war between them stopped. The Firsts conitnued ride on the Range waiting for new tasks of Super. Most of the Siniger's warriors went to their bases. The rest kept on doing usual things, aiming at perfection. The Reckoners only began to look in the sky more often."

Then the credits show up.


Background of the second end, showing the Sixth Generation.

3. Starting of research-center self-destruction. You'll have 60 minutes to leave the center.

Taking this option will autoliquidate the external laboratory in 1000 seconds after activating. The game ends with these sentences:

"After the lab was destroyed the mechmind of the fifth generation concealed himself under cover near the crater which had left the explosion. He was positive that he will be helped sooner or later. There was enough energy. Zero-transfer anchor at regular intervals sent impulses to space. The most perfect mechmind could wait for many centuries. He wasn't in a hurry.

Super with the help of the activated zero-transfer anchor learnt that the mission failed. He has to abolish the directive of the Creators. Super set himself a new task. Sometime later its fulfillment began.

Clans of mechminds continued wars with their aim at perfection. Nobody except the Reckoners and the Siniger noticed that the sixth generation appeared. But these creatures can't be called mechminds..."

Then the credits show up.

Story (A.I.M. 2)Edit

Warning! Contains spoiler on the first game.

Before the game begins, two videos will be shown. The first is showing a glider that travels through the outer edges to pick up a mechmind which lied in the debris of the external laboratory. This mechmind is the player.

A.I.M. 2

A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars - Intro

The intro of the second game.

The second video shows the reboot of the mechmind. The following text shows up in this video:

A.I.M. 2

A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars - Start

Changing of condition... a signal level in external circuits is higher than that in the background

Duplicative request... confirmation ,error probability is 0,089%

Testing conditions of external circuits... external circuits are normal

Measuring the singal level... it satisfies the requirements of communicative level

Preparation for reactivation...

External module... functions properly, no damages

External communicators... functions properly

Communicators are activated, standard query is received

Testing optical module... optical module functions properly

Launching power flow...

All external systems are in normal functionality 100%

Readiness for reactivation is affirmed





After the countdown, the player finds himself in the Desert Sector's base 2.

Identification Edit

Once again, the player has to undergo the identification process, as there is nothing about him in the base's database. In this process the player will also have to take one of three specialization and will get a glider based on the decision. Then the player will get known about the Reformation and convincing

ARIO and the Reckoners Edit

The one who rescued the player is called ARIO. He left a message in the base, telling that he was advised by the Reckoners to find and help the player. They characterized the player as being "The one to change the Fate of the Mechminds", and that he is able to create the most poweful clan, which would gain control over the entire Range.

ARIO's message also advises to take a look in the network. The Reckoners have a message for the player there, saying following:

"The Reckoners welcome you, <name>! A lot of time has passed since we have seen each other. A lot has changed on the Range, and we think you have to know about it.

Some time ago, the Reformation took place, immediately following the creation of new fifth generation Mechminds Super disappeared right after this event; his control over the buildings also vanished, which became particularly evident in the passage tunnels.

For quite a while, no one could even so much as move between the sectors. However, we eventually managed to resolve this issue, though we still have no idea what happened to Super. You should go to the Bunker yourself and see what remains there. He might have prepared some information for you there, because it is most likely due to your actions that Super has disappeared.

Almost every building has been connected to our data network. We possess data on the location of every Mechmind, and know about all the clans. You can get the data here in exchange for some energy. Although we stopped going around the world, we still need energy. We also provide the Passage keys. You can use them to travel between the sectors. We will give you one multi-use key right now, so that you can always return here, to the Desert Sector. You will have to buy the others."

Creating a clan Edit

The first task that the player gets is to find ARIO. That's no big deal as his position is marked on the map. He will help the player in creating a clan. But first the player should convince nine mechminds and return to ARIO after doing that.

Doing so, ARIO will self-destruct his glider to give the player the tenth mechmind to his hold. Now the player can fill the cluster of a free base to capture it and create a clan.

After putting ARIO into a cluster, he will have following message for the player, describing some basics about developing a clan:

"<name>, I can hold Mechminds in the cluster as long as it is necessary. Even if there's no one left in the clan, no one will be able to capture the building as long as I or any other fifth generation Mechmind is in the cluster. However, if you decide to make use of my services outside the cluster, remember that your clan will become more vulnerable and might then lose all associated buildings.

While I am in the cluster, I have special information which I will transmit to you whenever possible."

"I can give you a piece of advice about how to act in order to have our clan develop at the maximum speed, and how to make ithe process easier for you.

If you convince a Mechmind without destroying his glider, then you are getting a ready warrior or trader right away. But you need to have a lot of energy for this. You can save some energy by bringing enemy or free Mechminds to our base: our clan will convince them with the help of the cluster.

The fastest way to increase the rating of our clan is to convince the Mechminds from other clans. The free Mechminds do not really factor into clan ratings; however, they are very useful if you want to increase the number of the Mechminds in your clan.

The highly rated Mechminds in our clan, the better it is, because these individuals are much more effective in their tasks.

Our clan's convincers can draw Mechminds away from other clans and capture buildings, helping our clan to be quite powerful. Pay due attention to the related statistics, because there should always be free Mechminds for a given cluster.

In order to accelerate the seizure of a building, take your Mechminds from somewhere or even directly from their glider, bring them to a necessary building and place them into a cluster.

There could be a situation when there are no more free buildings. If you want enemies to lose a building, you need to stop its production by buying all resources from the warehouse or by destroying as many enemies as possible, and convincing them right away. Then they will not have any Mechminds in reserve and they will start to lose buildings.

The healthier a clan's finances, the faster their Mechminds receive new glider after being destroyed. If their financial state is poor, the Mechminds will wait a long time for a new glider, potentially causing them to leave your clan. This unfortunate financial state might even lead to a lack of energy, keeping you from even on convincing Mechminds in the building.

Keep this in mind. Be careful."

The Reckoners will also have a message for the player, when checking the network:

"You have created a clan and managed to capture a building, <name>! It is evident that you have not lost the amazing inner strength that only you seem to possess. Apparently, you will be able to accomplish the missions we have in store for you. Of course, you can busy yourself with your own errands and choose not to participate in what we propose, but let us warn you that should you travel down this path, everythign you have created might be destroyed one day. Please understand that this is not a threat; we are merely according you a proper warning. This is why you should try to develop your clan in order to institute control over the entire sector, if you are interested in a prosperous future. You will get nothing without a powerful clan. We can sense that something much more grandiose than a primitive clan war is about to happen, and you may well find yourself in the middle of it! When you capture this sector, call on us and you will get a Passage key to the Toxic Swamp Sector, where you will receive further explenations.

In order to capture the entire sector, the influence of your clan should be at least 55 percent."

After achieving that, a video will be played, showing following text.

"Changes in quasimental background are discovered

Full stabilization of the quasimental field in sector is achieved

Increase of total tension of the field is registered

Increased efficacy of sensor torrents usage is registered

Total efficacy of the quasimental structure has increased

Completion of analysis"

Next time visiting a building, the player will be remembered to check the Network to read what the Reckoners want to say him. Doing so, shows the first part of the side story.

Undone businesses Edit

The player has two log records right at the start of the game. The first is called "The main mission of Super" and the second "Advice from Observer".

The main mission of Super Edit

The first reads, that the Creator's laboratory, aswell as the null-space anchor was destroyed and that it's necessary to go back to Super's Bunker in the Desert Sector for a report. Visiting Super's Bunker will then show a message, Super leaved there:

"I knew you would come back, <name>, which is why I have left this message here for you. It will help you to understand the situation, and it will be easier for you to find your way through the new world.

I managed to bring the Mechminds to an entirely new and wholly wondorous level of development. Although they look the same and still do not fully understand their abilities, the Reformation changed them. I created the fifth generation so that these new Mechminds could direct all the others through this new series of changes. This fifth generation already surpasses all previous generations, even after the Reformation, which considerably increaseed everyone's abilities.

However, the representatives of the fifth generation parted ways, and each of them acts independently. This isolation from one another will never help them to get out beyond their own world, to stop being what Mechminds were for the Creators - nothing more than intelligent machines. Only by uniting with the help of the quasi-mental fields will they be able to create a completely new entity which will be capable of the things that even I cannot do. The Reckoners and the Sinigr have partially made use of this possibility, but they are too few in number to properly fulfill their potential. I am unsure of their motives especially when it comes to the Sinigr. Their attitude was always very hard to understand.

If you are reading this message, it means that the Mechminds have stalled in terms of their development and do not know what to do next. They had to find you in the Outer Edges to start the next phase of their development. Your mission is to gather the entire fifth generation, consisting of 13 Mechminds, including you, into a full cluster. Such a cluster exists only in my Bunker.

Other ways are also possible, and you will find out about them later on. Uniting the entire fifth generation in one full cluster will form the quasi-mental field of such power that it will affect all Mechminds. After that, you will understand what all of you can achieve together. Please, be very careful with the Sinigr, and do not trust the Reckoners. Their mentality is too different from common logic. I hope the Mechminds have withstood any dangers that have arisen since my departure; of course, if have not, then they did not truly deserve to live."

This message leads to the first way of ending the game.

Advice from Observer Edit

The second log record tells, that the space shuttle within the Creators' laboratory has been destroyed, leaving the possibility to contact them to be close to none and that the player should go back to the dried-out lake in the Desert Sector to seek out Observer for further information.

The player will actually see that there is no dried up lake anymore. Instead the place is filled with water again. The original position can be found at the place where light sparks are flying up from the lake. Going to that place, the Observer has following message to the player:

"You have accomplished your mission, <name>. There is no longer any danger from any possible contact between human and Mechmind civilizations. If it ever this contact should take place, your civilization will be totally independent and humands will not be able to control you.

There are a number of things on this planet and its vicinity that you, the Mechminds, will soon have to deal with. This will be especially true if you ever manage to travel beyond the limits of your world, which was created by humans. I hope that you will never make the same mistakes as the Creators. Any problem can be resolved without conflict; the Cosmos is large enough and there are sufficient resources for everyone. The war that brought me to life should never happen again.

I am no longer here, <name>. A lot of time has passed since our last talk, and i cannot even imagine when you will receive this message. I hope that the information you receive will one day reach the others. Remember that the force your Creators called the Arbiter will never die once it is born. We will probably meet again..."

Side storiesEdit

The player can encounter two optional side stories. By finishing the game through creating a supercluster in Super's Bunker, it's required to finish at least one of them.

Arlings' laboratory, Nautilus and the SinigrEdit

After capturing the first sector, the Reckoners will once more be confident about the player and he'll receive a multi-use passage key for the Toxic Swamp Sector. There he should find the Arlings' laboratory, which is located almost in the center of the sector. There, the player will be given further instructions.

Right now the laboratory is used by the Reckoners' network as the main command center, and they provide the most important information there. Reaching the Arlings' laboratory and checking the network there, the Reckoners will tell the player what they have encountered.

Before the player's departure to the Outer Edges, a base in the Swamp Sector was destroyed (see ruined base). It was destroyed by an energy wave that came from the depths of the swamps. No one could tell why this happened, and even Super was unsure as to how this had occured. A lot of time has passed since this event, and it was only after the Reformation that managed to find out what exactly had transpired.

The key to this mystery lies with a huge creature living in the depths of the swamps. It is called Nautilus, because one of the visual images that have been seen reminded of an ancient terrestrial mollusk of the same name. Whether or not this image represents its actual appearance is still up for debate, although this point is ultimately unimportant.

What is important, however, is this: this being is trying to establish the contact, but his method of data exchange - the aforementioned energy wave - destroys the mechminds' intelligence. This is why everyone should try to flee an area as soon as possible if the systems detect an unknown anomaly, marked turquoise on the attention indicator. It affects not only the intelligence, but also the glider's systems as well which results in destroying the glider.

The Reckoners came to an idea how to protect themselves from such a powerful attempt to make "contact" and developed a special device, called a quasi-mental diffuser, through which the energy of the incoming impulse will be dispersed to all clan members via the quasi-mental field. This is why the Reckoners wanted the player to have a strong clan before entering the Toxic Swamp Sector.

The Reckoners want the player to find Nautilus and to get close enough to the center of the anomaly, with the quasi-mental diffuser installed. The powerful impulse coming from Nautilus should then be absorbed by the diffuser. After that, the player should get to any of his clan's buildings to get a full recording of the impulse, get the infopack with the recording and come back to the research laboratory in the Toxic Swamp Sector.

The player must then wait 10 hours until the Reckoners decript the message there.

They might have missed something but the in general, the idea behind this message is quite clear. Nautilus is interested in the Sinigr "clan", but he can't communicate with it directly because of the countour fields. Apparently, they interfere with the signal, causing the Nautilus' impulses to pass through the field without transmitting any meaningful information. But Nautilus doesn't have the courage to destroy the field, because he doesn't know whether it would hurt the Sinigr or not. The Reckoners don't know it either, but have a solution to this puzzle. The player should communicate with the Sinigr and transmit that data to Nautilus.

The Reckoners warn the player. None of their past envoys have returned from there and no one has an idea what has happened to them. So this time, they are suggesting that, in an effort to communicate with the Sinigr, the player should try to use a special device: a sort of analogue to the standard communication system but more focused and more powerful. The item is simply called communicator. It will automatically transmit standard requests and the Sinigr should be able to adequately receive them. The signal is sent when entering the Swamp Sector without leaving the passage tunnel. The player is given a multi-use passage key for this sector and can now go on with this task. After activating the communicator inside the passage tunnel, the Sinigr will have following messages for the player:

"So, Mechmind, are you afraid to leave the tunnel? You should not be, because we can get you there too, if necessary. But we take only those who come to us voluntarily. If they do not join us after that, their gliders are usually destroyed. As for the new gliders in the Swamp Sector, they are not manufactured here, as you probably guessed. We do not use the necessary types of materials here anymore."

"You have brought great news, Mechmind. We have been trying to go beyond the sector boundaries for a long time. But the Creators knew very well what they were doing: right now, we cannot deactivate the contour fields. We are very interested in the one that the Reckoners called Nautilus. We are trying to understand exactly what it is for a long time now, but all we get are snippets of some unknown data. Tell him that he can contact us, if he destroys at least one of the contour field's generators. It seems like Nautilus would be able to do it.

With our help, it will be easier for you to achieve your main goal - a goal which all the Mechminds have been more or less striving for since the Reformation."

At the Arlings' laboratory, the player can get the advice of the Reckoners. Once again, it is up to his decision whether or not he will choose to help the Sinigr. No one knows what impact this actions will have in the future, but the Reckoners don't think that the Sinigr wand the Mechminds will ever seriously interfere with each other.

The Reckoners have created an information block, which will help to send the Sinigr's request to Nautilus. Apperently, all fifth generation Mechminds inherited the information block technology form the Creators, although its origins are not important. What is important is that the information block has been successfully formed, leaving the player free to find Nautilus once more. The mental diffuser and the communicator will be immediately activated when properly in range.

Nautilus will have an answer for the player, which can be collected at any of the player's clan buildings and decrypted in the Arlings' laboratory again.

The infopack reads Nautilus' following message:

"I have realized what needs to be done. To delete the obstacle form the path is my choice. But before i can appear before the obstacle, I need at least seven turns of the planet."

Back in the Swamp Sector, the player gets the message from the Sinigr, that Nautilus will get to the contour field and destroys it in 20 hours. Waiting so long, the Sinigr will have one last message for the player:

"With your help, we are finally free, <name>! Now, the entire planet is at our disposal. In order to thank you for this, we will give you the opportunity to establish control over those areas which will protect you from oblivion. Use organic modifiers in the same way you use loyal Mechminds when you want to establish control over a building. It replaces any Mechmind, even any of your generation, and increases the strength of quasi-mental fields to the point where your clan will gain full control over a sector. However, the organic modifier works only once, so after the initial activation and adjustment, you will not be able to get it out of the building, as it will grow into it.

Go ahead, <name>. We are sure about your success. Soon, the entire Range will be yours. After that, all Mechminds will go beyond the boundaries of your small narrow world and then, one day, we will meet again. We know the color of your thoughts. We will never forget you, <name>!"

As said, the organic modifier which the player gets as a gift, can also replace a mechmind of the fifth generation. That also means that it can be placed into the cluster of Super's Bunker.

Finding SuperEdit

After telling the player his last message at Super's Bunker, Super actually continues with the following next task:

"I am sure that you can once again change this world, and maybe even change me in the process, which you have already done once before. If you do not want to, the others will, but it might take too much time and the Range is not immortal. Moreover, I do not control the Range's various systems any longer. Why? I can only say that I have completely freed myself and the Range from the directives of the Creators. After that, I formed new goals for myself and left the area in an effort to achieve them. If you want, you may find out more in my Obelisk in the Tundra Sector."

Following his advice and visiting Super's Obelisk, another message comes up there, which would have shown up even without visiting Super's Bunker once. Super doesn't tell the player where he headed off to, but thinks it will be better for him to see on his own. He went to a place in the underground behind some closed gates. The player gets an information key. These will open the gates to the location where Super wasn't able to get to for a long time. He didn't even know about this location before. After the elimination of the rules, all information blocks were removed and Super managed to find out lots of new information about the Range there.

Underground plant gates

The gates where Super went inside. In front of it are the remains of LOARRAT's glider.

The player will find a second gate inside the underground plant. Coming near to the gate, Super's last message will be received:

"This is my last message for the Mechminds, <name>. You will go no further, simply because your glider cannot make the journey. However, you might be interested to learn how I managed to enter that place. I used one of the many possibilities that became available to for the Mechminds after the Reformation; specifically, manipulating the quasi-mental fields in an unspeakably complex process that enables one - in fact, all living beings - to transform oneself into pure essence. As incredible as that sounds, it enabled me to locate and contact the clan of the First, at which point we joined forces. Together with the Mechminds, we left our gliders through the use of special devices, and then we entered a mechanical chain and entered that aforementioned place.

What you see are the service gates of the underground plant, located outside the Range. The unified transportation network is required to supply the plant with the necessary materials. The plant stood dormant for a long time. However, I managed to activate it. There are hyperspace transportation technologies here, meaning that by the time you read this message, I will be far away from this planet. After the Reformation, I came to the conclusion that Mechminds can progress almost fully autonomously, and they do not really need me; in fact, I can only disturb them. This may have a negative impact on both of us, and so I came to the conclusion that it'd be better to fully exclude any possibility of interference. As a result, I left the planet on a search for the Creators - not because I was compelled through some sense of duty, but out of sheer curiosity as to what has befallen them.

Remember that your world is fragile and mortal, although the Creators have made the Range quite safe. You have to learn how to manage your world in order to survive and progress. I gave the Mechminds this ability, but lost it myself in the process. However, you can obtain all the abilities I used to have, and more. All the Range's countless resources can be used in one way or another by the Mechminds, should they form a supercluster."

The rest of the message contains the instructions for the two methods of ending the game.

The story could end here, but it doesn't. Destroyed glider parts can be found in front of the gate. There also lies a mechmind inside this mess. The mechmind's name is LOARRAT and he also belongs to the fifth generation. Picking him up, he'll immediately join the player's clan and has following message for him:

"I followed the First Ones, mainly because I wanted to know where they were headed. However, something happened to their gliders when they got here. I experienced heavy visual static, but I still managed to see something that looked like a few Mechminds slipping into one of the process holes and hiding away. Soon after that, my glider exploded. Since then, I have been laying here. In fact, it seemed like I was to lay here forever. But you came and rescued me, <name>. If you need my help, I am ready to follow you."

End (A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars)Edit


There are two ways of ending the game. Both actually lead to quite the same ending, as the ways are pretty similar to each other. The player must create a supercluster, and that is possible in one of the following two buildings.

Creating supercluster inside Super's BunkerEdit

The player can create a supercluster in Super's Bunker by filling all 13 slots of the building's cluster with fifth generation mechminds. After putting 12 mechminds in there, the player is asked if his mechmind should be placed in there, too, as he is also a representative of the fifth generation. Accepting this, the outro will be played.

He can also decline that and place the, the 13th fifth generation he found into the cluster, which will then also play the outro.

Suppress is impossible"

Creating supercluster inside Super's ObeliskEdit

The player will find out another way to create a supercluster when entering Super's Obelisk for the first time. If its actuator 's sensors detect enough strength within the player's clan's quasi-mental field, it can form a supercluster and institute control over all the systems of the Range. The field is strong enough if five were captured by the player's clan.

Having all requirements for that, the player can return to Super's Obelisk to activate the supercluster. This will play the outro video.


The outro consists of two videos. The first is showing following text: "Super-Cluster is formed

Total control over all systems of the Range... established

Connection with the opposing clusters... established

Opposing cluster... are thrown down

Secondary circuit is found

Identification... Identification complete: secondary circuit belongs to Reckoners

Secondary circuit is applied in the structure

Total potential increased

Attempt to increase the quasimental beeyond the border of the contour fields...

Obstacle is encountered. It's a primary circuit.

Identification... Identification complete: primary circuit belongs to supercluster of Siniger

Attempt to contact... Impossible

Attempt to inculcate... Impossible

Attempt to suppress... meeting resistance...

Then the illustrating part of it is played:

Механоиды 2 Война кланов - Финальный ролик

Механоиды 2 Война кланов - Финальный ролик