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You can hear following soundtracks in this sector:

Gregory Semenov - 09 Swamp
Gregory Semenov - MUS LOC SWAMP DEAD

The Swamp Sector (short: the swamps) is located close to the planet's Equator in an enormous natural swamp. The contour field here looks like a sphere. This was done to protect the sector from huge creatures that would sometimes rise from the depths of this swampy ocean.

By the way, the Creators have kept the majority of the original plants, which are very abundant in this warm and damp climate.

Clans that inhabit this sectorEdit

The swamps are the favorite place of the Siniger clan, who have their main base deployed here. Aside from the Siniger symbiots, you may also encounter the Restrictors and few of the Seekers and First Ones.

Buildings of the sectorEdit

Swamp Sector map clear

Revealed map of the Swamp Sector.

Bearings of the sectorEdit

The Swamp Sector in A.I.M. 2. Clan WarsEdit

The Sinigers left to inhabit the Swamp Sector not long after the Reformation. Some time after that, mechminds began to pour out of the sector, apparently in an attempt to flee the Siniger, who were destroying everyone. It is still unknown what their reasons they had, or why they chose to close off access to the sector. Actually, to be more precise , a mechminds could enter the sector, but it will never return. This means one of two things: either they are destroyed, or are forced to become a part of the Siniger's structure. However, no one from the fifth generation has ever visited the Swamp Sector, so what would happen should that ever occur? 

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