Request to Super is the name of the only mission the Swamp Sector's climate actuator offers the player.

Requirements Edit

There are no requirements for this mission.

Mission details and completion Edit

The player should go to the Super's bunker in the Desert Sector to receive information on the planetary research, conducted by the Creators before Range-4 was build, and deliver an infopack there. The climate actuator wants to make sure to develop the means of protection against the threat in the depths of the Swamp.

Delivering the request, Super mentions that he didn't conduct any special research himself, since he hasn't the appropriate equipment, which was available to the Creators. Obviously the threat exists and measures have to be taken if the outbursts repeat. The player should go back and tell the climate actuator that it can increase the energy field protection for now. 

Return to the climate actuator in the Swamp Sector and deliver the infopack from Super to get an reward of 1000 rating points. It seems like the Creators didn't research the depths of the planet or the threat appeared later, the climate actuator thinks.

Ways to fail the mission Edit

There is no way to fail this mission.

Originally, there should be a time limit, as the climate actuator says that the time is limitted, but it wasn't implemented in the final game.


  • The mission is already completed after visiting Super's bunker.

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