Information analyzer

The information analyzer.

Find the device is the name of the first mission the Restrictors' main base in the Swamp Sector offers the player.

Requirements Edit

An information analyzer must be equipped to get this mission offered. Otherwise further missions will be offered first. After completing three missions of the Restrictors' main base, this mission will be skipped.

Mission details and completion Edit

The main base of the Restrictors sees that the player has an information analyzer equipped at the moment. It wants him to give it to them, so that they can try new tactics. In exchange, the player will get access to following things in their shop:




Ending or skipping this mission will unlock the next mission of the Restrictors' main base.

Ways to fail the mission Edit

  • The player has also the option to keep the information analyzer, but this results in failing the mission.


  • In the english version of the game, the options are implemented incorrectly. There the player can't give the information analyzer to the base, because the option to do so is made into a "reference" instead to a "link", and the option for keeping it is completely missing. It is recommended to get rid of the information analyzer before accepting this mission, to get the other missions first.
  • In the czech version of the game, the option to give the information analyzer to the base, is like in the english version, made into a "reference" instead to a "link". The player cam only take the option for keeping it, which results in failing the mission.
  • These files serve as bug fix for this mission. Download, choose your language, copy this file into   C:\Program Files\1C Company\AIM\Data\   (or wherever your game folder is located) and replace it with the existing file.