Forwards emblem

Forward's emblem

The Forward are the oldest current clan, mainly living in the Altitude Sector and secondarily in the Arctic Sector. The leader of this clan is called MONCEBER.


The Forward clan was first located in the Arctic Sector and attacked everyone who they saw. Once strong Siniger troops came to the sector and were getting attacked by the Forward immediately. Then a war started to take place in this frozen sector. Some time later the Forwards were close to reset and they hid inside their base, but the Sinigers still got them.

That was at least believed, though it was discovered to be untrue after the reformation. The clan's main mechminds made their way through the underground utilities to a hidden sector, the Altitude Sector. There, they developed in full isolation for a long time, due in no small part to the fact that Super closed the entrance to this hideaway. These days, the entrance to this sector is open, and the Forward are considered to be its natives.

This clan is quite powerful in its home sector, and has made some moves to extend their influence to other territories. However, their prolonged isolation has prevented them from having much impact on additional sectors.

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