Reckoner's emblem

The Reckoners (also called Calculators) are fourth-generation symbiots. The third generation was too numerous and formed various movements, after which Super became more careful. As a result of this, came the Reckoners. In fact, this is a clan, although it spans the whole generation. It's a clan with its own ideology and views on the world around them. Very unusual views for that matter. The Reckoners do not use weapons. In fact, they do not fight at all, although no one knows why. Their main goal is seeking and collecting information, all kinds of data about the world and the goings-on in it. Many organizations use that information. Not for free of course - everyone needs  energy. If the Reckoners are attacked they will then refuse to provide information to the mechmind or symbiot who attacked them. And - if the attacker was in a clan - they would decline the whole clan. So, it is pretty obvious why no one ever touches them.

The Reckoner's goal Edit

Reckoners emblem

Unused Reckoner's emblem from A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars

Reckoners goal is to collect any kind of information.

The Reckoners' main base will have following message after having contact with the Beholder, which will reveal more about their goal:

"Our goal, <name>, is very simple. It is the study of the world. We collect and analyze different information. Look around there are so many interesting things! Especially the mechminds. Quite often you would not believe how primitive their actions are, but at times you'd be surprised at their intelligence. Even we can hardly understand how they can process such large bulks of information in an instance and take a decision. The Siniger symbiots are especially good at it.

The information that we receive may be useful for the others. We could exchange it for other information that may be of interest for us or for energy, but this is not our end goal.

Sooner or later the mechminds or the symbiots of any generation will be able to apply our knowledge not only in war, but also for somethign else... And this is exactly why we are collecting this information now."

Joining conditions Edit

Only mechminds of the fourth generation can join the clan. That's the reason why the player can't join them, as he is a fifth generation mechmind.

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