"Do not attack the First. They are the only ones who can be considered a threat."
―Siniger troop

Siniger's emblem

The Sinigers (also called Sinigr) are a powerful group of symbiots who are created by Super, based on Arlings' closed projects. Super is positive that they have not turned out as perfect as he planned them to be. But they see it differently. The Sinigers are the strongest symbiot

The Sinigers' leader is SINIGR who is nativly neutral or even friendly. He is the only one with the highest possible rating of 11 and has an own armor and energy shield, no one else can have. No one will actually mess with him, but the one that manages to destroy him will get an enemy of the organization from that day on.

No one likes to mess with the Sinigers these days. This is related to the past where the Sinigers started a war with the great Forward clan for some reason, resulting the Forward clan in getting destroyed. The only clan, being in war with the Sinigers are the First.

Nobody knows where their clan's name is from. Maybe this means something in the language of the Arlings, as Nargoon does. The Siniger clan is small part of the third generation of symbiots. Nowadays, they fight almost nobody, except the Firsts.

The Siniger's goal Edit

The Sinigers' goal is that they want to achieve anything the Creators have achieved before and they have made an alliance with the Carriers.

Entering the Siniger clan Edit

When it was necessary, the Creators could go about without the support systems. They could increase their population without factories, in a natural way. We want to achieve everything that the Creators did. You are a new mechmind, <name>. It would be quite useful for the clan if you joined us.

Joining conditions Edit

Rating 8 and Fang of Death or Devil Wings glider.

Special features: all the Sinigers can repair and get ammo for free at their bases.

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