Wild's emblem

The Wild Ones (short: the Wilds) are not called that for nothing. In earlier times they called themselves differently. But after this story in the Arctic Sector they got their new name which suits them perfectly. This was also when everyone understood that the symbiots like non-standard decisions. Several Wild Ones attacked a group of Trances. The  usual matter - give us your cargo and then you will be set free. The Trances agreed, discharged all their cargo, and started moving back. The Wild Ones picked everything up, chased the Trances down and killed them all. Nobody does that, but that's why they are the Wild Ones. In fact, they are not very strong when they are alone, but they usually move in groups of several attack gliders and are a serious menace. At the moment the whole clan is at war with the Destroyers, and everyone is better off that way. The goal of the Wild Ones is not really clear. Sometimes it seems that they don't have one. They roam about the world and fight anyone who is in their way. Sooner or later they will run into the Sinigers and will be completely eliminated. But this time is yet to come.

The Wild's goal Edit

There is only one rule -- the strongest gets all the resources. Our goal is to become the strongest, but we will have to destroy everything to achieve our goal.

Entering the Wild clan Edit

There is only one law - the strong get all the resources. Our goal is to become the strongest. But to do that we must destroy everyone else. If you want to become stronger than all, join us!

Joining conditions Edit

You must be an enemy of the Destroyers clan and have a rating of at least 5.

Special features: all the Wild Ones get 15% more rating points for captured mechminds.

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