Big gun
Flying tower

The flying tower that protects the buidings in the Destroyed Sector.

Towers (also called turrets) belong to the building protection. They attack mechminds if they were shooting inside the secured area or if the towers were hit by them.

A building can have different amounts of turrets surrounding them. At some there aren't any of them.

The cannon that the towers use is actually a heavy weapons, fully compatible with gliders. It's called big gun and makes 300 volumetric damage plus 1000 damage if it hits the glider. A purchaseable weapon that shoots the same bullets is the annihilation cannon.

In A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars, the towers get three different types of shots. When shooting inside the secured area for the first time, the glider will be set into a stasis by them, making the glider incapable of moving, shooting, but also invincible. Shooting one more time inside the secured area, the towers will try to destroy the glider with the same bullets from in the first game as long as the glider is not destroyed or out of range. If the glider isn't destroyed while shooting on it for a big amount of time, the tower makes a shot, sounding like a railgun, which kills the violator immediately.


  • If the weapon was equipped on a glider somehow, it shows the icon of an Infranuclear plasma-thrower on the interface.
  • They always focus the nearest hittable glider while being neutral.

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