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You can hear following soundtrack in this sector:

Gregory Semenov - MUS LOC SWAMP

The Toxic Swamp Sector is one of the new Sectors available in A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars. This sector of the Range never underwent terramorphing, and so the landscape is in fact the planet's natural environment. What's more, it is not limited by the usual contour field. There is just some special fencing there, and search systems that operate within it.

The environment of the sector is too aggressive for standard materials to be used here, although the Arlings used this to their advantage by testing their organic technologies here, producing test samples that were created by nature rather than science. The Arlings wanted to create technologies that would help gliders to fully regenerate even after suffering very serious damage. Many problems were resolved, but the Arlings' scientists never made it to the final phase of testing.

Mechminds were able to capture their laboratory. They developed specific abilities as a result, upgrading their equipment and gliders with the help of what was found there.

Buildings of the sectorEdit

Purchaseable things (A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars)Edit

The only hangar in this sector has the research laboratory and sells following things:


Glider componentsEdit



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