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You can hear following soundtrack in this sector:

Gregory Semenov - 04 Horizon of Tundra

The Tundra Sector is a valley with several small rivers and lakes. There are quite a few gullies and hills out there with bushes and small trees. Frequent fogs obstruct traveling, but on the whole, the conditions here are not that bad. On one side of the sector a mountain ridge appears while in other areas you can come right to the contour field.

Clans that inhabit this sectorEdit

The Tundra Sector is inhabited by the clans of Hunters and Invaders, as well as representatives of the Structure of Changes.

Buildings of the sectorEdit

Tundra Sector map

Revealed map of the Tundra Sector.

A.I.M. A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars
Charge platform 1 not enterable
Charge platform 2 not enterable
Charge platform 3 not enterable
Climate actuator Climate-actuator
Expendables plants Expendables plant
Extracting system 1 production unit 1
Extracting system 2 production unit 2
Extracting system 3  (destroyed) production unit 3  (destroyed)
Half-stock plant Half-stock plant
Main base Base 1
Manufacturing plant process facility
Manufacturing plant (destroyed) Process facility (destroyed)
Passage tunnel Passage tunnel
Raw Materials Base Raw materials base
Secondary base Base 2
Structure of Changes main base Base 3
Super's Obelisk Super's Obelisk
The Firsts bunker Bunker
- Base 4
- Base 5

Bearings of the sectorEdit

Purchaseable things (A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars)Edit

All bases within one sector sell the same things in their hangars.


Glider componentsEdit





Trivia Edit

  • There are many containers with polymer plates randomly scattered around, which makes this sector one of the best early-game money sources.

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