Delivery of infopack to Super's Obelisk is the name of the second mission the Tundra Sector's secondary base offers the player.

Requirements Edit

Ending the mission before of the secondary base, to get this job offered.

Mission details and completion Edit

Super demanded data, which has been collected from the secondary base for the last 5000 hours. The player should bring the infopack with this huge amount of data to the Super's Obelisk, an external communication device of Super. 

There will be a time limit of 08:00 hours after accepting this mission, but this mission can still be accomplished with the full reward of 2000 energy crystals, if the time ran out.

Completing this mission will unlock the next mission of the secondary base. Waiting till the given time ran out will also unlock the mission, but that's not recommended (read below).

Ways to fail the missionEdit

Actually there is no way to fail the mission, due to an error. After running out of the given time, all infopacks will disappear from hold, if returning to the secondary base. The mission is still ongoing though, which will cause to never accomplish this or other ongoing missions.

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