Testing new weapon is the name of the second mission the Sinigers' secondary base in the Volcano Sector offers the player.

Requirements Edit

End the mission before to get this mission offered.

Mission details and completion Edit

To prove the player's loyalty to their clans, the Sinigers want him to test a new weapon on a First One.

Occasionally Super produces new kinds of weapons. The First are the ones who usually get the samples, but it is different now. The testing of the new, unique weapon was assigned to the Siniger. It was manufactured in the Sinigers' secondary base and they want to test it on the First.

The players weapon will be replaced by acid proboscis. The bearing shows the nearest First One, which should be eliminated with this weapon.

The mission will be completed after delivering a mechmind of a First One to the Sinigers' secondary base. Also, the base will grant access to the Sinigers' main base in the Swamp Sector, which creates a log entry. The player can keep the weapon. Completing this mission, the glider Fang of Death and the weapon acid proboscis will also be available for purchase to the player.

Ways to fail the mission Edit

There is no way to fail the mission.


  • The base always marks FIRST-52 on the map.

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