Bring back Angmar-26 is the name of the second mission the Watchstones' test complex in the Volcano Sector offers the player.

Requirements Edit

End the mission before to get this mission offered.

Mission details and completion Edit

The Watchstones are now afraid of the Sinigers, after the player had to destroy ANGMAR-26, because it turned out that this mechmind was a former Siniger. Bring him back to the Sinigers' secondary base in the Volcano Sector within 12:00 hours. 

Be sure, not to enter any other base or the passage tunnel, otherwise the mechmind will automatically be transferred and there is no chance to accomplish the mission anymore. 

The Sinigers will be glad about delivering the mechmind at Sinigers' secondary base. It turns out that ANGMAR-26 really was a member of their clan, but couldn't remember anything after the transfer.

At this point, the mission will already be completed and there is no reward for this mission, except that the organizations attitude towards the player is turning to "Good". On the other hand, if the player would have failed the mission, the Watchstones would become his enemy and there were no other missions for him at their test complex.

Completing this mission will unlock the next mission of the Watchstones' testing complex.

Ways to fail the mission Edit

  • If the player doesn't deliver ANGMAR-26 to the Sinigers' secondary base within the given time, the mechmind will disappear from hold and he'll fail the mission. The player will get an enemy of the Watchstones and next time, visiting the Watchstones' test complex, the player will lose 100 rating points. 


  • The mechmind sometimes won't be transferred after entering another base, but only in the Sinigers' secondary base.

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