Anchor of transition

The zero anchor with actuator is an equipment for getting to the outside world.

Entering the Rock Sector's main base while carrying the unknown container, which can be found in the third mission of the Reckoners' main base, the container will be inspected by the base. It finds out that inside is a anchor of zero-transfer, which allows to send some material objects with the help of a passage tunnel to an unknown destination. If the player wants to know for sure, the base can install this anchor to the glider . Another option is to let it keep the base for deeper utilization.

Taking the option to install it, the base wants 50000 energy crystals and 40 hours for the preparations of the work. Then the player can return and the zero anchor with actuator will be installed. Delivering it to the passage tunnel, it gets the coordinates for a place outside of all known sectors. This place is the outside world.

The anchor provides a peaceful possibility to get to the there without using the exit to the outside world, which would need to affiliate with one of the strongest clans, the Sinigers or the First Ones.

This equipment can neither be sold nor bought.


  • Weight: 5 kg

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